OCP Summit Track News

As part of our ongoing effort to keep our OCP Community updated, we are going to be running a blog series called "OCP Summit Track News."

Each week, we will blog about one or more of the tracks at the upcoming OCP Summit (March 20-21st @ San Jose Convention Center). The information is intended to help you decide which track(s) would be best for you and your colleagues. Please register, if you haven't already, and spread the word. I encourage you to go to our Summit Schedule Page and read about all the tracks and plan your time, taking advantage of all the great speakers and topics. 
So here we go - 

Tracks 1- 3 Power, OpenRack and Advanced Cooling (hosted by RACK & POWER Project Group)

December was the one year anniversary of the release of OpenRack 2.0 Specification.  The community-driven specification, along with the leadership of Google and Facebook engineers,  introduced the option of 48VDC distribution, clarified interoperability and standardization of the 12VDC power shelf,  and added sections to cover battery backup options.   For the 2018 OCP Summit, the RACK & POWER project leads have created 3 tracks, giving summit attendees options to hear and discuss the technical aspects and ongoing work in the areas of power, cooling and mechanical.

The POWER track kicks off a joint session with the HPC project where Pengiun Computing, an early adopter of OpenRack, will explore the benefits of standardization of the AC power shelf.  The track will also cover rectifier design, power capping and scheduling with battery backup modules, and 48VDC efficiency.   

Similarly, the OPENRACK tracks will kick off this afternoon track with a discussion and recommendations for OpenRack profiles.   The track will also discuss how to achieve NEBS compliance, a look at Google’s adapter options, and insight from Rittal on rack optimization.   

The OpenRack specification defines interoperability while allowing for plenty of future innovation. Along with power efficiency, various cooling approaches are supported by the architecture. A new track this year is focused on ADVANCED COOLING.  Alibaba, the sixth largest internet company in the world, along with 3M, a global provider of industrial chemicals, and Wiwynn, a web-scale provider of OCP equipment, will each share the advances and innovation being achieved in data center cooling.