Last week was the first ever OCP tech day held in Bangalore, India - Topline Summary

Last week was a big week for our OCP international members as the first ever OCP tech day was held in Bangalore, India.

The event was held Saturday June 15th at Flipkart Pvt Ltd. one of the largest online retailers and e-commerce companies in India and sponsored by OCP Platinum members Mellanox, Intel and Western Digital.  We had over 120 people across multiple industries in attendance which is a great showcase for the level of interest growing in India. 


A few of the key sessions included Mellanox highlighting their OCP Accepted™ NIC 3.0 and contributions to SONiC, Western Digital profiled Open Composable Architecture and Intel focused on new OCP solutions such as their Cooper Lake processor platforms .


In addition we also had sessions from MiTAC showcasing their OCP Inspired™ESA (Enclosure Sub Assy) and Tioga Pass servers, AFL Hyperscale on the importance of OCP in the data center and Sterlite Technologies use of Edgecore Switches.  The highlight of the day was Flipkart’s top strategy leads sharing their vision and direction for their growing infrastructure across compute, storage and networking.


OCP team members were also at the event to meet members and attendees.  Archna Haylock (OCP Community Director) provided a background of the OCP Projects and how to get involved.  She also announced the start of a regional India Mailing List so more people locally can begin to engage and help determine what kinds of activities would add the most value (  Rajeev Sharma (Director of Software) focused on the key software projects within OCP and Steve Helvie (VP of Channel) shared some stories on how enterprises are using OCP and which companies locally have OCP Accepted™ and OCP Inspired™ products.


India consistently ranks in the top list of countries visiting the OCP Marketplace worldwide so it was a real pleasure to see first-hand the level of interest growing in India.  Special thanks again to the sponsors and the team at Flipkart.  We are looking forward to more great things ahead in the region.


Click here for the Event Presentations & Videos