Changes in the OCP Volunteer Leadership and a New Incubation Sub Project

OCP is happy and proud to announce some great changes to the IC Leadership and Regional Leads and a new Sub-Project announcement.

IC Co Chairs

This term, given the added strategic responsibilities of IC, the OCP Board has appointed 2 additional Co-Chairs to the Incubation Committee Leadership. Now we will have 3 Co-Chairs that will be helping lead the OCP Incubation Committee and Project Leadership. These are all 3 Board appointed positions and we are excited to have such wonderful strong thought leadership at our helm. With these new 11 members, we have an incredible mix of Hardware/Software/Datacenter/Telco/Systems Mgmt. Please join us in welcoming Jeff Catlin (Edgecore) and Jessica Gullbrand (Intel) and thanks to Dharmesh Jani (Facebook) for his continued support. They will be at our Global Summit so please reach out and meet them!  Their pictures and bios can be found on our IC Page here.

OCP would also like to thank Tom Anschutz (AT&T) for his support, dedication and passion for openness. We wish him the very best as he starts his next adventure. 

Regional Project Leadership Change - Europe

OCP would like to welcome Lukasz Lukowski (Edgecore) as the OCP European Project Lead. He comes with tremendous experience in this region and will be our primary point of contact. He will be helping us in organizing local events and meetups, providing guidance to local companies on how to get involved with OCP and how to increase adoption of OCP solutions. His picture can be found on the Project Lead page here.

Many thanks to Lesya Dymyd for her dedication and patience in growing the OCP Europe region! We will still see Lesya deeply involved in the OCP Future Technologies Symposium and look forward to her support there.  

RunBMC Incubation Sub-Project

Open source is not just for software. The same benefits of rapid innovation and community validation apply to hardware specifications as well. Based on the RunBMC spec written by Dropbox and Salesforce, it defines the interface between BMCs and their respective platforms. Now that the RunBMC spec is published we expect to see contributions of RunBMC reference boards submitted by the community. The team is working on a charter which will reside under our Hardware Management Project. And this RunBMC Sub-Project community is just getting started so please get involved and let your project communities know. Jared Mednick and Eric Shobe (both from Dropbox) will be the Sub-Project Leads for this Incubation Sub-Project.

Please join me in welcoming our new OCP Leaders and saying thank you to those that have served us so well!