3M Joins OCP to Advance a Sustainable Future.

Data centers – backed by a robust open hardware ecosystem – form the backbone of modern life and the foundation for many of the technologies of the future, including self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and more. From massive hyperscale data centers managing cloud software to smaller edge data centers shaving milliseconds off data transfer times, recent years have seen the speed of data creation growing rapidly and data center investment accelerating to match it.

As data centers evolve to meet the world’s growing demand for data, more efficient cooling is one of the greatest opportunities to achieve substantial reductions in their energy, water and land use.

The 2018 OCP Summit featured a new Advanced Cooling Engineering Workshop within the RACK & POWER Project Group where industry leaders shared their insights into immersion cooling and other potential solutions. In 5 engineering workshops, manufacturers and end users discussed best practices and innovations in the cooling space.

3M, a new Open Compute Project member, also hosted the first public screening of “Data driven”, a mini-documentary examining the challenges of energy efficiency in data centers and keeping data centers cool, and exploring potential ways for immersion cooling technology to help keep the industry growing sustainably – potentially cutting cooling energy costs by over 95% and server rack space requirements by 10x.

If you didn’t have the chance to catch “Data driven” film at the OCP Summit, you can watch it here: