Project Leads: Omar Baldonado (Facebook), Scott Emery (Cumulus)

IC Representative: Mark Shaw (Microsoft)

The Open Compute Networking Project is creating a set of technologies that are disaggregated and fully open, allowing for rapid innovation in the network space. We aim to facilitate the development of network hardware and software – together with trusted project validation and testing – in a truly open and collaborative community environment.

We’re bringing to networking the guiding principles that OCP has brought to servers & storage, so that we can give end users the ability to forgo traditional closed and proprietary network switches - in favor of a fully open network technology stack. Our initial goal is to develop a top-of-rack (leaf) switch, while future plans target spine switches and other hardware and software solutions in the space.

Project Scope:

  • Fully disaggregated and open networking HW & SW

  • Operating System - Linux based operating systems & developer tools, and ReST API’s

  • Fully automated configuration management & bare metal provisioning

  • Universal & Multi-Form Factor Switch motherboard hardware

  • Fully open integration & connectivity

  • Energy efficient power & cooling designs

  • Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Out of Scope

  • Protocol stacks & virtualization

  • network architectures & topologies.

  • hardware abstraction layer, deep packet inspection, hardware based security, firewall feature sets and load balancing

Project Subgroups: