TAP 2022 OCP Tech Week

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Time Appliances Project

OCP Tech Talks | TAP | June 2, 2022

TAP Sessions

# Session By Slides
1 Opening, TAP Vision and Updates OCP Team: Ahmad, Gary, Ioannis, Mike, Elad Slides
2 Time Sync everywhere: Wi-Fi and compute platform Kevin Stanton, Intel Slides
3 Time Sync in DCs: What's Next? Dotan Levi, NVIDIA Slides
4 Time Drive M.2 Julian St. James, Meta Slides
5 TAP Instrumentation & Management Anand Ram, Calnex Slides
6 Time-as-a-Service Lasse Johnsen, Timebeat Slides
7 GNSS Receiver Dhiman Chowdhury, Trimble Slides
8 Choices for 5G data center synchronization Ullas Kumar, Rakon Slides