TAP 2021 OCP Global Summit

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OCP Global Summit | 2021 | Time Appliances Project[edit]

TAP Sessions[edit]

PTP @ Scale: Learning from FB’s Journey Dotan Levi Video
Introducing Open Time Server Elad Wind, Julian St. James Video
Precision Time Protocol Profile for Data Center Applications & Related Network Requirements Thomas Kernen, Michel Ouellette Video
Specifying Oscillator Holdover for Data Centers Gary Giust, Nazariy Tshchynskyy Video
Fault-tolerance for PTP Gautam Kumar, Yuliang Li Video
Throughput Improvements of Hyperscaled Distributed Databases based on Precision Timing Georgi Chalakov Video
Challenges and Solutions in PTP Based Time Sync in Hyper-Scale Data Centers Amit Oren Video
Boundary Clocks vs Transparent Clocks in Hyperscale Network Rohit Puri Video