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Cooling Environments Come be part of the revolutionary discussions at the OCP Global Summit featuring the groundbreaking Cooling Environments project. This project focuses on developing pioneering, eco-friendly cooling techniques for data centers, aiming to combat the growing energy consumption that typically burdens these facilities. Learn about the multitude of advanced cooling strategies, such as liquid cooling, immersive techniques, and smart air management, all aiming to increase thermal efficiency and reduce energy use. A standout aspect is the use of optimized fluids and design, to enable deloyments featuring reliable and cost-effective performance. Attendees will gain valuable insights into this transformative approach, which is set to revolutionize data center infrastructure management, extending the life of facilities, and fostering a more sustainable digital future. Cooling Env Schedule
Data Center Facility (DCF) and Rack & Power Discover the future of data center design and infrastructure at this year's OCP Global Summit, featuring two trailblazing initiatives: the Rack & Power and Data Center Facilities projects. The Rack & Power project is rethinking power and space in data centers, innovating to create high-density, scalable, and modular rack systems that boost server capacity and energy efficiency. It incorporates cutting-edge power distribution units and advanced energy monitoring systems to enable efficient, reliable, and eco-conscious power consumption. In parallel, the Data Center Facilities project offers a comprehensive view on the architectural and operational aspects of data centers. It addresses site selection, energy sourcing, and facility design, promoting scalable, sustainable, and resilient practices. As an attendee, hear expert and experience led discussions ranging from implementing liquid immersion cooling rack designs to renewable energy-powered data centers. Your engagement with these initiatives will help shape the next generation of data center infrastructure and contribute to the development of a more sustainable, and efficient IT ecosystem. DCF and R&P Schedule
Hardware Management with DC-SCM Discover the latest work from the innovative Hardware Management project. This initiative delves into advanced hardware management, creating open standards and interfaces for hardware control, monitoring, and predictive maintenance. The project is designed to simplify management across diverse hardware components and vendors, boosting interoperability and reducing complexity. A highlight is the DC-SCM (Data Center - System Control and Management), a dynamic toolset set to revolutionize data center operations by centralizing control, enabling real-time monitoring, and proactive management of infrastructure. DC-SCM offers valuable insights into system performance, fault prediction, and maintenance needs. As an attendee, you'll gain firsthand insights into this transformative approach to hardware management, signifying OCP's dedication to propelling data center technology and operations into the future. Hardware Management with DC-SCM Schedule
Networking Come see the future of networking at the Open Compute Project Global Summit Networking track. The Networking project is transforming how we design and manage data center networks by unveiling the latest open innovations. Focusing on disaggregated hardware, open software like ONiE, SONiC and SAI, and connectivity solutions, the Networking project enables flexibility and interoperability. It creates disaggregated networking for independent scaling and to reduce vendor lock-in. Gain insights into open networking, see the newest technologies, and imagine what’s next at the Summit. The Networking project is where open networking’s future is built. The Open Compute Project's Networking project is forging that future. Networking Schedule
Open System Firmware (OSF) Discover open system firmware at the Open Compute Project Global Summit. The Open System Firmware (OSF) project replaces proprietary firmware with open-source, transparent, customizable, and secure firmware. OSF improves security, enables innovation, and gives developers control to enhance system firmware. DC-SCM, a sophisticated data center management tool, enhances OSF by providing real-time monitoring and AI-driven proactive management of open firmware. DC-SCM offers insights into system performance, detects issues, ensures stability, and optimizes resources. At the Summit, get an exclusive look at the future of system firmware and data center management with OSF and DC-SCM. OCP is pushing the boundaries of transparency, security, efficiency, and innovation in data center technology. Open system firmware is the future, and OCP is forging the way. Discover what’s next at the Open Compute Project Global Summit. OSF Schedule
Security Security is essential, data protection is critical, and OCP has got you covered. The Open Compute Project Global Summit focuses on security measures as part of the Security project initiative. Recognizing cyber threats, OCP develops open security solutions for data centers including hardware trusted platform modules, secure boot, encryption, and threat detection. The Security project also reduces reliance on proprietary security technologies. At the Summit, discover open security foundations and advancements enabling safer, more secure and resilient data centers. Learn comprehensive new methods for data protection through innovative, collaborative measures. OCP is committed to building an infrastructure that withstands cyber threats. Our digital future depends on security—see how OCP is forging the secure path forward. Security Schedule
Server Discover the future of servers at the Open Compute Project Global Summit. The Server project develops efficient, flexible, and scalable open server designs for data center demands—both today and tomorrow. Focusing on open hardware and standards, the Server project accelerates innovation, reduces vendor lock-in, and lowers costs. Projects incorporate modularity and sustainability for decreased total cost of ownership and environmental impact. See groundbreaking developments redefining server technology at the Summit, including high-density and disaggregated servers improving performance, power, and efficiency. The Server project embodies OCP’s mission to power open, efficient, and sustainable data centers. Imagine what’s next in open server innovation at the Open Compute Project Global Summit. Server Schedule
Server: Composable Memory Systems (CMS) Memory flexibility and efficiency come together at the Open Compute Project Global Summit. The Composable Memory Systems (CMS) workstream, part of the pioneering Server project, develops Composable/Disaggregated Infrastructure (CDI) for dynamic memory allocation based on application needs. CMS overcomes rigid hardware to independently scale compute, memory, and storage, redefining resource optimization. At the Summit, discover how CMS disrupts server design and improves data center efficiency. Gain insights into advancements that enable servers to optimally suit workloads from high-performance computing to machine learning to cloud services. CMS epitomizes OCP’s mission to power the future of flexible, efficient, high-performance technologies. Server CMS Schedule
Server: Open Chiplet Economy Join us at the upcoming Open Compute Project (OCP) Global Summit, where the spotlight will be on the transformative Open Domain Specific Architecture (ODSA) workstream. The ODSA is charting a course into the open chiplet economy era. This breakthrough project aims to establish open standards, tools platforms and interfaces for integrating functional Integrated Circuit (IC) blocks, enabling highly customizable, efficient, and economical System-in-Package (SiP) designs. By endorsing an open chiplet economy, we're eliminating proprietary constraints to encourage competition and collaboration, which catalyzes innovation, reduces costs, and speeds up development. Get hands-on experience with the latest chiplet-based standards, tools and platforms at the summit and learn how they will establish a new silicon supply chain. The ODSA initiative demonstrates OCP's dedication to endorsing open standards, fostering innovation, and steering the course of silicon technology in the chiplet era. Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of the future! Open Chiplet Economy Schedule
Sustainability Sustainability takes center stage at the Open Compute Project Global Summit. The groundbreaking Sustainability project develops open solutions to reduce data center environmental impact by addressing energy consumption, resource use, and e-waste. Championing renewable energy, advanced cooling, and the circular economy, the Sustainability project reimagines the data center to empower sustainable operations. At the Summit, discover transformative technologies and practices for eco-friendly data centers and how to apply them to improve your environmental footprint. The future is open and sustainable. Through open innovation, together we can redesign the modern data center for a greener tomorrow. Join the movement at the Open Compute Project Global Summit. Sustainability Schedule
Time Appliances (TAP) The Facility Track will focus on the ever expanding requirements of the Data Center physical infrastructure. As OCP increases it's focus on sustainability and modularity, the community continues to adapt to the needs and requirements of the end user. With data demands at an all-time high, the industry is constantly scrambling for ways to solve the ultimate problem brought on by the critical influx of data. TAP Schedule
OCP Special Focus: Preparing for the Emerging Quantum Opportunity Quantum technology promises to transform many domains of information processing including computing and communications. In the domain of computing the technology will provide compute power necessary to solve complex problems that are beyond the capability of classical computers. For communications, quantum technology will enable safe communications in the face of quantum computing. As a result, governments, hyperscale DC Operators, and quantum hardware and software vendors are investing significantly in what is seen as a strategic technology. Today, no large scale commercial quantum computer or network exists, however the technology continues to advance with large investments being made. This breakout session will bring together industry experts and leading quantum hardware and software vendors to discuss the importance and status of quantum computing and communications, explain the challenges, and debate the potential impact and when this might occur. Quantum Schedule
OCP Special Focus: Optical Connectivity for AI Clusters Large AI Clusters - Network Architectures and Optics The resurgence in AI and ML driven by the recent LLM use cases is driving a large build out in computational infrastructure that will include a very large number of specialized AI and ML nodes that need to be interconnected to share large volumes of data at very high speed, with very low latency, and minimal energy consumption. The next generation of optical networking will be a critical component needed to build these AI clusters. This breakout session will focus on the expected architectures for AI clusters and their interconnection requirements, advances in optical networking we can expect in the next generation of products that will be deployed to meet the challenge, and the expected improvements in energy consumption. Optical Connectivity for AI Clusters Schedule
OCP Special Focus: Sustainable Computational Infrastructure for AI Sustainable Computational Infrastructure for AI The OCP will naturally provide a collaborative environment for its Community to lead the innovations required to drive these new architectures. Current projections on the resource consumption of the AI driven data center buildout indicate we need to change the power, water, and carbon footprint demands of current computational infrastructure. Within OCP projects, ongoing work in sustainability, modular servers, Chiplets, Cooling Environments and AI Hardware/Software Co-Design will have to be supplemented with systems configured for AI. This Breakout Session will cover end user use cases, advances in technology we can expect from their vendors and OCP projects to deliver on a sustainable computational infrastructure for AI. Sustainable Computational Infrastructure for AI Schedule
CXL Forum The Compute Express Link (CXL) co-located special track at the upcoming Open Compute Project Global Summit on October 18, will unlock the potential of CXL technology to revolutionize data centers. Hosted with the CXL Consortium, this track offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore how CXL, an interconnect standard enabling high-speed communication between CPUs and devices, is transforming data center architecture.Attendees will gain insights into optimizing CXL for performance, open-source contributions, and promoting vendor-neutral standards. They'll interact with leaders driving CXL innovation to understand its impact and possibilities. This track demonstrates the Open Compute Project and CXL Consortium's shared dedication to open collaboration and accelerating progress in data center interconnection technologies. Full Schedule Coming Soon!
SONiC Workshop - hosted by Linux Foundation

Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC) is an open source network operating system (NOS) based on Linux that runs on switches from multiple vendors and ASICs. SONiC offers a full suite of network functionality, like BGP and RDMA, that has been production-hardened in the data centers of some of the largest cloud service providers. It offers teams the flexibility to create the network solutions they need while leveraging the collective strength of a large ecosystem and community.

Join the SONiC Workshop at the 2023 OCP Global Summit and discover the latest updates and features in the SONiC community. All Summit passes include entry into the Workshop.

The SONiC Foundation would like to invite you to participate in our upcoming workshop during the OCP global summit on October 17, 2023 from 1-5pm. Come learn about the latest developments of SONiC from industry experts including innovations in NOS management, improvements in routing, software defined networking, and system design.

Full Schedule Coming Soon!

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