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The Experience Center at the OCP Global Summit is a dedicated space for the Community to showcase their hardware designs, architecture and software solutions on OCP-recognized hardware platforms. With a large footprint on the expo hall floor, this is a can't-miss feature of the OCP Summit! This year, the Experience Center will also have an online presence so that virutal attendees can view the demonstrations and interact with the participating companies.

The OCP Experience Center was established in 2019 to provide new ways for OCP members to showcase best-in-class product demos, both live and static. The initiative was launched at the OCP Global and Regional (European) Summits last year, and they were among the most popular attractions. Not only do the partners get a chance to showcase their OCP Accepted™ and OCP Inspired™ product offerings, they also get a chance to receive feedback from Summit attendees. The OCP Experience Center offers Summit attendees a chance to explore products and their piece-parts, and see through the software solutions that have been built primarily for the platforms being demonstrated.

The OCP Experience Center also features its own mini-stage in the expo hall where each station team will have a chance to present a Lightning Talk highlighting their project/demo.

Below is the Acceptance Criteria for the solution demonstrations, to be selected as a part of the experience center. We have added these requirements to make sure, all the software stack used as a part of the demo and the demo hardware itself adheres to the OCPs product recognition process.  

  1. Your product (Hardware platform) is based on an approved specification (listed in the Contribution Database)and is present in the OCP Marketplac
  2. Software stack or reference architecture must be based on OCP solutions (OCP recognized products, Integrated Solutions or Circular Economy solutions)
  3. Software demonstrated on OCP recognized products must be listed in OCP Github. There might be few exceptions which would be considered case by case basis by the OCP foundation. 
  4. Participating companies must be sponsors of any kind for the global summit.

There is an increasing demand to showcase solutions in the OCP Experience Center. If interested in participating at the 2021 OCP Global Summit, please contact rajeev@opencompute.org. All organizations must be a sponsor of the Summit to be elligible to participate in the Experience Center.

Click below to see details of the Experience Center at previous Summits.

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