Call for 2022 FTS Program Committee Candidates   

The OCP Future Technologies Symposium (FTS) is a bi-annual event, held in conjunction with the OCP Global and Regional Summits, to provide a forward-looking funnel of technologies which focus on solving future problems facing the industry, and accelerate productization through partnerships and open source R&D. It is also a unique opportunity to expose a generation of up-and-coming, best-in-class students to the professional community for purposes of research, training and recruitment. 

OCP is seeking to fill four Volunteer Leadership positions and calls for interested candidates to apply for the 2022 Program Committee. The candidates must be industry and/or academic experts and will lead one of the technological tracks: Network, High Performance Computing (HPC), Data Center Efficiency, System (Servers, Storage, Switches) and Power. 

They will work closely with the Symposium leadership to ensure high-quality submissions of papers and presentations on novel and cutting-edge open hardware and data center technologies.  More information on the roles and responsibilities are outlined below.  

If interested, please contact Lesya Dymyd or Allan Smith by April 1, 2022 indicating the technology track of interest. 

Role & Responsibilities 

  • Help the team secure at least 10 submissions for your Track by outreach to academic, startup, investor and/or industry communities, through the lists that OCP maintains, and your own network.

  • Provide all relevant information and guidance on each step of the submission process, conducting consistent check-ins and follow up with individuals who plan to submit papers, informing them on deadlines and milestones etc.

  • Consistently provide status updates to the FTS Chair, ask for support when needed  

  • Evaluate submissions based on the FTS metrics within the allocated time frame 

  • Attend the event in San Jose on October 19, 2022 to provide support to the FTS team and facilitate the technology track and Q&A

  • Select each of the technology track best papers and vote for the overall FTS best paper 

OCP staff and the Symposium chairs will provide training, organizational framework and assistance throughout the process. 
This is a great way to contribute to the long-term growth of the OCP Community, make valuable connections, see first-hand the latest innovations in academia and research, and build your personal brand. You will receive free admission to the 2022 OCP Global Summit.

To learn more about the current FTS leadership, please visit our website
Join the mailing list here and join the conversation at the OCP Future Technologies LinkedIn Group to stay up to date.