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Welcome to the OCP DC-MHS Sub-Project.

DC-MHS R1 envisions interoperability between key elements of datacenter, edge and enterprise infrastructure by providing consistent interfaces and form factors among modular building blocks.

DC-MHS R1 standardizes a collection of HPM (Host Processor Modules) form-factors and supporting ingredients to allow interoperability of HPMs and platforms.

There are six workstreams that comprise DC-MHS. The objectives of the six workstreams are the following:

  • M-FLW (FulL Width HPM)
    • Specify the requirements of a Full Width Host Processor Module (HPM). This is for use within products designed for minimum 19" rack, also known as compliant with EIA-310-E but can also accommodate larger 21" racks. This form factor enables a full width HPM usage for CPUs, DIMMs, and related features.
  • M-DNO (DeNsity Optimized HPM)
    • Outline the requirements of a family of partial width, DeNsity Optimized Host Processor Module (HPM) form factors within the OCP Modular 240 hardware system group of specifications (M-DNO for short). This M-DNO specification embodies design considerations for CPU, DIMMs, and other server processor related features commonly used by the industry today but is not limited to only those functions.
  • M-XIO/PESTI (eXtended I/O Connectivity/PEripheral SideBand Tunneling Interface) :
    • Outline the Modular Extensible I/O (M-XIO) source connector hardware strategy. An M-XIO source connector enables entry and exit points between sources such as Motherboards, Host Processor Modules & RAID Controllers, and peripheral subsystems such as PCIe risers, backplanes, etc. M-XIO includes the connector, high speed and management signal interface details and supported pinouts. Additionally, the workstream defines Interface (M-PESTI) base requirements for electrical and protocol compatibility between components of a DC-MHS platform. The M-PESTI protocol overloads a common PRSNT# signal with additional capabilities beyond simple presence/absence of a peripheral.
  • M-PIC (Platform Infrastructure Connectivity)
    • Defines and standardizes common elements needed to interface a Host Processor Module (HPM) to the platform/chassis infrastructure elements/subsystems within the DC-MHS 1.0 family of OCP servers. Standardization of the common interfaces and connectors enables hardware compatibility between DC-MHS HPMs and various DC-MHS system components.
  • M-CRPS (Common Redundant Power Supply)
    • Defines all the requirements for an M-CRPS internal redundant power supply used in Open Compute Project that could be used in different environments like home/office, datacenter, and high-performance computing, hence harmonizing the server power supply requirements used in the industry with the purpose of creating a standard specification that the customers and vendors of Enterprise and Hyperscale can use for their products.
  • M-SIF (Shared InFrastructure)
    • Improve interoperability related to shared infrastructure enclosures with multiple, serviceable modules. Modules containing elements (HPMs, DC-SCM, peripherals, etc.) are blind-matable and hot-pluggable into a shared infrastructure enclosure.

Disclaimer: Please do not submit any confidential information to the Project Community. All presentation materials, proposals, meeting minutes and/or supporting documents are published by OCP and are open to the public in accordance with OCP's Bylaws and IP Policy. This can be found on the OCP Policies page. If you have any questions please contact OCP.

Project Leadership

Sub-Project Leads

Workstream Leads

DC-MHS Wiki Administrator

Current Status

DC-MHS R1 v1.0 specs have been approved by the OCP Incubation Committee in November 2022.

DC-MHS workstreams are working the DC-MHS R1 v1.1 specifications.

Note: M-SIF is a workstream new to DC-MHS. M-SIF is working on v1.0 specification.

Latest DC-MHS Specifications

Type Description Version Submit Date Contributor License Notes
Specification DC-MHS v1.0 specifications:
R1-v1.0_RC 9/28/2022 DC-MHS CLA group OWF Reviewed in Oct meeting. Approved by the IC on 11/4/2022

All specifications can be found in the Contribution Database

Working Documents, ECNs, and Errata

This section includes Errata, ECNs, CAD, PDF Drawings, and other Collaterals from the DC-MHS Workstreams.

Spec. Impacted Name Format Version Submit Date Contributor Link Notes
PIC M-PIC R1 V1.01 PDF 1.01 2/3/2023 Cliff DuBay Link Update Figures and Tables, add Errata content, include Hot Plug information.
PIC M-PIC Errata 1 and 2 PDF 1.0 2/1/2023 Cliff DuBay Link Errata 1: Update Section 9.1 to Avoid High Current in Partial-Mate Conditions Errata 2 – Update Section to increase the Power Rating from 1080W to 2000W.
PIC Current Connector List Document 1 2/1/2023 Cliff DuBay Link M-PIC Connector List
XIO M-XIO_R1_v1.01 PDF 1.01 1/24/2023 Javier Lasa Link Incorporated Errata #1. ECN: Addition of cable construction considerations, incorporated cable considerations (alignment with PCI-SIG internal cable spec), clarification on P3V3_MGMT usage.
FLW FLW CAD file 1.02 (Errata update) STP 1.02 1/4/2023 Corey Hartman Link Errata update added missing rounds to PCB corners of CAD file, no change to spec.
XIO Errata M-XIO Specification RC4 12/12/2022 Javier Lasa Link Update SFF-TA-1016 and SFF-TA-1033 pinouts.
FLW FLW Rev 1.0 PDF Drawings PDF 1.01 10/12/2022 Corey Hartman Link Link to FLW Drawings
DNO DNO Rev 1.0 CAD STP 1.01        
DNO DNO Rev 1.0 PDF Drawings PDF 1.0      

Inactive Documents

This section includes Workstream specification errata and any other working documents.

Spec. Impacted Type Description Version Submit Date Contributor License Notes
FLW FLW Rev 1.0 CAD STP 1.01 9/23/2022 Corey Hartman Link Link to the FLW CAD files

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Meeting Schedule

For monthly public meetings:

  • Schedule is the third Wednesday of every month at 0800 PST (starts 3/13/23)
  • Each workstream has its own weekly meeting for companies that have signed the DC-MHS R1 CLA.
  • OCP DC-MHS Project Calendar

Recordings from Past Monthly Meeting Calls

  • TBD

Slides from April 2022 OCP Tech Talks

Presenters (Company) Title Video Slides
Shawn Dube (Dell), Brian Aspnes (Intel) DC-MHS Rev 1.0: Introduction and Overview (Datacenter - Modular Hardware System) Video Slides
Corey Hartman (Dell), Brian Aspnes (Intel) DC-MHS: FulL Width HPMs (M-FLW) Video Slides
Mike Gregoire (Dell), Dirk Blevins (Intel) DC-MHS: DeNsity Optimized HPMs (M-DNO) Video Slides
Cliff DuBay (Intel), Tim Lambert (Dell) DC-MHS: Peripheral Infrastructure Connectivity (M-PIC) Video Slides
Charlie Ziegler (Dell), Javier Lasa (Intel) DC-MHS: eXtensible I/O (M-XIO) Video Slides
Tim Lambert (Dell), Javier Lasa (Intel) DC-MHS: PEripheral Sideband Tunneling Interface (M-PESTI) Video Slides
Aurelio Rodriguez (Intel), Jon Lewis (Dell) DC-MHS: Common Redundant Power Supply (M-CRPS) Video Slides

Slides/Recordings from October 2022 OCP Global Summit

Presenter Title Video Slides
Aurelio Rodriguez Echevarria (Intel) | Corey Hartman (Dell) | Tim Lambert (Dell) | Eduardo Estrada (Intel) PANEL: DC-MHS R1 report-out and timeline Video Slides
Brian Aspnes (Intel) | Shawn Dube (Dell) | Jean-Marie Verdun (HPE) | Dharmesh Jani (Meta) PANEL: Datacenter Modular Hardware System (DC-MHS) Video Slides
Todd Westhauser (Meta) | Vincent Nguyen (HPE) Practical Usage of DC-MHS M-DNO Concepts Video Slides
Dirk Blevins (Intel) Multi-host Modular Systems Video Slides

OCP Marketplace Entries

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Entries below are for ease of use and historical reference. Please use the marketplace links for the most recent documents.

Type Description Version Submit Date Contributor License Notes