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Welcome to the OCP Telco Project[edit]

The Telco Project is open to the public and we welcome anyone who is interested to become involved.

The Telecom Industry would like to apply the Open Compute Project (OCP) model to create Telecom optimized hardware. Telecommunication Service providers are seeking more than simply datacenter solutions, they are looking for solutions that encompass the entire Telco service delivery from the Datacenter to the Network edge.

The OCP Telco Project will enable participants from telecom companies and carriers as well as subsystems, software, board, and semiconductor suppliers to transition from existing proprietary solutions to OCP solutions which provide open systems free of proprietary, single supplier lock-in.

As telecom services move to the cloud, handle more data, and bring connectivity to the world, it must be done in an efficient, economical, and sustainable way. The solution designs must be created in an open, transparent and collaborative environment to create an evolving set of commoditized products optimized to meet telecom environments, including edge specific deployment requirements.

In response to Telecommunications Service Providers and carriers needs, the global hardware and software suppliers are working together to create products and solutions that can provide innovations to meet new and challenging requirements.


When OCP Accepted™ and OCP Inspired™ products are not sufficient nor deliver the technology needed by and for deployment into telecom and carrier datacenters or infrastructure, the Telco Project shall promote the creation of these products, specifications, and technologies.

  • Firmware, software, and APIs for the remote management, service deployment, maintenance, monitoring, & telemetry of telecom hardware.
  • Specs and designs that are interoperable with either the 19” EIA or OpenRack mechanical architecture unless targeted for deployment outside of the traditional Data Center or Central Office (e.g. Edge products).
  • Creation of common architecture specifications which promote interoperability and a multi-vendor supply chain for telecom and Edge hardware.
  • Creation of Telecom/carrier products derived from OCP products and approved specifications.
  • Creation of Telecom/carrier products that complement OCP products and specifications by either referencing other open-source foundations (TIP, ONF, Linux Foundation, etc) or in collaboration with these foundations.

Disclaimer: Please do not submit any confidential information to the Project Community. All presentation materials, proposals, meeting minutes, and/or supporting documents are published by OCP and are open to the public in accordance to OCP's Bylaws and IP Policy. This can be found on the OCP Legal Docs page. If you have any questions please contact OCP.""


- Charter
- OCP Presentation Template - please contact Michael Schill for a copy

Project Leadership[edit]

Project Leads

- Loren Staley (Edgecore)
- Ripin Checker) (Cisco)

Edge subproject Leads

- John Kaczala (Nokia)

Incubation Committee Representative

- Craig White (Nokia)

Get Involved[edit]

- Mailing List
- OCP website
- OCP Calendar

Regular Project Calls[edit]

This project meets monthly, at alternating times (please check the call calendar).

- Call Calendar
- Call Link
  • Next Call - see calendar



- Wiki
- Mailing List

Recordings from Past Calls[edit]

Archive of previous calls

Telco Project Technical Workshops[edit]

- OCP Telco Workshop hosted by AT&T - Dallas, TX, Oct 29, 2018
- Link to Presentations
- OCP Regional Summit - Amsterdam, Netherlands, Oct 2, 2018
- Link to Presentations
- OCP Telco Engineering Workshop @ BCE - Austin, Tx, May 14th, 2018
- Link to Presentations
- OCP Engineering Workshop at DCD Colo & Cloud - Dallas, Tx, September 25th, 2017
- Link to Session Video
- Link to Presentations
- OCP Engineering Workshop at BCE - Austin, Tx, May 15th, 2017
- Link to Presentations
- OCP Engineering Workshop - London, UK, November 2, 2016
- Link to Presentations
- OCP Engineering Workshop - University of New Hampshire, August 10, 2016
- Link to Presentations
- Session Video
- OCP Telco Meetup - Seoul, Korea, June 9, 2016
- Link to Presentations
- OCP Engineering Workshop - San Jose, CA June 2, 2016
- Link to Presentations
- OCP Engineering Workshop - Austin, TX May 23, 2016
- Link to Presentations
- OCP U.S. Summit - San Jose, CA Mar 9-10, 2016
- Link to Presentations
- OCP Engineering Workshop - San Antonio, TX Sep 16, 2015
- Link to Presentations
- OCP U.S. Summit - San Jose, CA Mar 9-11, 2015
- Link to Presentations

Specs and Designs[edit]

Approved Contributions[edit]

Draft Specs and other working Documents[edit]

Supporting Documents that may be valuable to designers[edit]