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Review the AT&T GPON draft spec
Review the AT&T OpenGPON draft spec

RuggedPOD update and demo
RuggedPOD update and demo

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About this Workgroup

The TELCO/COMMS community was formed to assist the adoption of open hardware and software-

- leverage the work of the network, server, rack, and storage workgroups. An imparative of this Telco WG is to align with these groups whenever possible.   - recognize that there may be a unique attributes required and in such cases, the WG will define the usage and feature requirements and work with the OCP community base and the WG’s to fulfill these requirements.  - provide a "single voice" to OCP Service Providers and member companies on unique needs of the Telecom's private cloud, and in doing such, the community acts as a ‘buyers coop’ for sourcing.   Acting Project Leads: Bill Carter, Intel, Craig White, Alcatel-Lucent, Co-Lead:

To join the mailing list:

March 2015 Engineering Summit Presentations

Tom Anschultz, AT&T - Virtual Optical Line Terminator Project Proposal

Kevin Johnson, Intel - Presentation: The Hyperscale Vortex Path to Destiny

OCP Engineering Workshop Breakout - Rackspace - September 16, 2015


Review the AT&T OpenGPON draft spec

RuggedPOD update and demo

AT&T presentation on OCP Networking challenges

Review OCP offering (products, SP support, supply chain, etc) that prevent adoption

Discussion on Telcos interaction with other Work Groups

Telco group administriva (monthly call scheduling, etc)

Workgroup Meetings

Monthly Meeting [TBD]

Specs and Designs

AT&T OpenGPON V.1 (draft)