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|Ramin Farjadrad/Mark Kuemerle
|Ramin Farjadrad/Mark Kuemerle
|Aquantia/Avera Semi
|Aquantia/Avera Semi
| [ Slides]
| [ Slides]
| AIB/Link Layer/Call to Action
| AIB/Link Layer/Call to Action

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Welcome to the OCP Open Domain-Specific Architecture subgroup under OCP Server Work Group.

Project Leadership

Sub Project Lead

- Bapi Vinnakota (Netronome)

General Information

Charter (TBD)

- Open Accelerator Architecture

Open Domain-Specific Accelerators: What Are They & Why Should They Matter?

- ODSA webinar with Light Reading: December 19th, 2018
- ODSA White Paper

Get Involved

- ODSA Chiplet Usage Survey
- Mailing List
- OCP website (Server Project)
- OCP Calendar

Active documents

Type Description Version Submit Date Contributor License Notes
Introduction odsa_ocp_intro.pdf n/a 2/27/19 Netronome n/a Presented in 2/27 Server WG call. Introduction to ODSA sub-group under Server Project. Future entries will be in the ODSA WIki at:

Meeting Schedule & Call Link

Every Friday at 8am Pacific

Call Link (visit the OCP Server Project Calendar for other dial-in information)

Upcoming In Person Meetings

OCP ODSA Project Workshop - hosted by Intel Date And Time Mon, June 10, 2019: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM PDT Click here to register

Click here to join remotely

Recordings from Past Calls

- July 26th, 2019 Recording Minutes
- July 19th, 2019 Recording Minutes
- July 12th, 2019 Recording Minutes
- June 21st, 2019 Recording
- June 14th, 2019 Recording Minutes
- May 31st, 2019 Recording
- May 24th, 2019 Recording Minutes
- May 17th, 2019 Recording Minutes
- May 10th, 2019 Recording Minutes Modern Design Methodologies for Next-Gen Multi-Chip(let) Packaging Presentation - John Park, Cadence Protocols On Die-to-Die Interfaces Presentation - David Kehlet, Intel
- May 3rd, 2019 Recording Minutes Chipset Design Exchange Presentation - Jawad Nasrullah, zGlue
- April 26th, 2019 Recording Minutes
- April 19th, 2019 Recording Minutes SIP Design Flow Presentation - Jawad Nasrullah, zGlue
- April 12th, 2019 Recording Minutes
- April 5th, 2019 Recording Minutes

Past Events

ODSA Workshop @ Intel: June 10th, 2019: Pictures Video
Topic Speaker Affiliation Slides
Welcome/Logistics Bapi Vinnakota/Animish Mishra Netronome/Intel Slides
Intel Welcome Ahmad Zaidi Intel
Intel Chiplets and Packaging Ramune Nagisetti and Ravi Mahajan Intel Slides
Virtual Chiplet Platform Animish Mishra/Robbie Adler Intel Slides
ODSA Technical Intro Bapi Vinnakota Netronome Slides
PHY Review/BoM Interface Update Ramin Farjadrad/Mark Kuemerle Aquantia/Avera Semi Slides
AIB/Link Layer/Call to Action David Kehlet Intel Slides
Advanced Packaging for Chiplets Surya Bhattacharya IME Singapore Slides
Chiplet Design Experience Panel Intel/AMD/Cisco/eSilicon/Xilinx Slides
CDX - Chiplet Design Exchange Jawad Nasrullah/Alex zGlue/Ayar Labs Slides
Chiplet Microassembly Printer & Microsprings Eugene Chow Xerox PARC Slides
POC Update JP/Quinn/Manish/Jawad/Mark Cisco/Achronix/Samtec/zGlue Slides
Chiplet Workflow Experience Panel NXP/Avera Semi/Ayar Labs/Facebook/ Granite RIver Labs/Kandou Slides
ODSA Workshop @ Samsung: March 28th, 2019: Pictures
Topic Speaker Affiliation Slides
Welcome/Logistics Bapi Vinnakota/Jim Finnegan Netronome Slides
Welcome/Samsung Overview Craig Orr Samsung Slides
Accelerators Whitney Zhao Facebook Slides
ODSA technical introduction Bapi Vinnakota Netronome Slides
PHY Layer Review Greg Taylor zGlue Slides
BoW: Basic, Fast, Turbo Die-to-Die Open Interface Solutions Mark Kuemerle/Ramin Farjad Avera Semi/Aquantia [ Slides]
Power distribution Ali Husain ON Semiconductor Slides
PIPE Adapter Brian Holden Kandou Slides
Design tools for muti-chip Jawad Nasrullah zGlue Slides
Speedster221 FPGA for POC Quinn Jacobson Achronix Slides
Firefly DirectConnect Options for ODSA Proof of Concept Marc, Sam, Quinn, Bapi   N/A Slides
Design Tools for Chiplet-Based Design Jawad Nasrullah zGlue Slides
Business models Sam Fuller/Jeff McGuire/Jim Finnegan NXP/Kandou/Netronome Slides
Working w/ OCP, PoC JDA, Closing Archna Haylock, Bill Carter OCP Slides

ODSA Workshop @ Netronome: January 29th, 2019

- Video
- Slides