OCP C&I Q2-2013

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C&I General - Eric Wells, DaWane Wanek, Matthew Liste
[X] Q2 C&I Engineering summit successfully completed
[X] Identify Lead For Lab Enablement completed
[ ] Convert document share site from Evernote to OCP C&I Wiki
[ ] Technical Advisory Board Established
Ready Physical Certification - Thao Nguyen
[X] COMPLETE - Deliver revised physical test plan to David Duffy (being finalized right now by Thao) - Thao Nguyen
[ ] Integrate the test plan into the release doc that leverages a Canonical format – David Duffey
[ ] Confirm what will be included with the "Out of Band" component of the release – Dan Hyland
[ ] Confirm Spec power comparison approach that will be included in the 0.9 release – Matthew Liste
[ ] 0.9 release packaged - Bob Thurston
[ ]0.9 release package posted on opencompute.org - tbd
[ ] 0.9 release announcement posted on opencompute.org – Ken Park
"Certified" Design & Launch - YF Juan
[X] Establish formal head of the Certified product completed
Out of Band Certification - Matthew Liste
[X] Straw man reviewed with project
[X] Draft vision of what a test harness would look like for out of band certification
Documentation & Common Language - DaWane Wanek, Howard Cohen
[ ] Draft project plan and approach
C&I Lab Enablement - Paul Rad
[X] Identify key milestones and approach
[ ] Build out lab requirements documents to be used in an RFI – Paul Rad
[X] Send proposed lab equipment requirements to Paul Rad – Thao Nguyen
[ ] Identify target institutions for RFI - Paul Rad, John Kenevey
C&I Branding & Marketing - Cole Crawford & Ken Park
[ ] Define criteria for OCP foundation branding and marketing budget for 1st half of 2013
Pre Cert OCP Solutions - Joel Wineland
[ ] Establish GITHub Repository
[ ] Initial configurations shared
C&I Project Communications - Ken Park
[ ] Draft communications strategy developed with internal beta's

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