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OCP Networking Project workshop - Paris, October 30, 2014[edit]

Agenda / Presentations[edit]


A typical Cloud VPS implementation requires more logical networks than traditional techniques can provide. Multiple tenants running numerous applications on on-demand cloud infrastructure require isolation, but traditional network isolation approaches such as the VLAN (IEEE 802.Q) do not provide enough segments for scalable cloud deployments whereas L3 solution such as NVGRE and VXLAN have their own shortcomings. Gandi meets these challenges with Virtual Network over TRILL (VNT). VNT poses new challenges in term of performances and scaling which can not be easily solved by existing hardware solutions, and Gandi is partnering with Kalray to leverage their upcoming fully-programmable ManyCore smartNIC solution.


  • Panelists: Carlos Cardenas for OCP-N, Matt Peterson for ONIE, Sanjay Sane from Dell, Kushagra Vaid from Microsoft
  • General OCP-N Roadmap (Carlos and others)
  • ONIE penetration and Roadmap (Matt slides)
    • Great interest in ONIE OOB switch
  • How to help speed up the migration from Core->Agg->Edge to Disaggregated model (Sanjay and others)
    • Hearts and minds
    • SW and HW
  • SAI and what it means for the community (Sanjay and Kushagra, slides)
  • A reference NOS for HW functionality testing (Carlos and others)
  • A general topic over all the testing pieces (Carlos and others)
  • Q/A

Proposed Items:

  • Huawei to potentially join the SAI effort (new ASIC vendor)
  • Serial Concentrator
    • Motivation: Current low end Cyclades and others is ~$3000 per 48 port unit
    • Example BOM: ARM SOC + 48 Prolific or FTDI chipsets + PSUs is way less than $1000
    • ONIE based
    • 48 port RJ45 Cisco pin outs
    • Target MSRP ~$500
  • Add IPMI / iLOM to Mgmt port on Switches
    • Motivation:
      • Reduces need for Serial Concentrator for new gear (Serial over LAN)
      • Reduces need for Smart PDUs to power cycle network devices
  • Increase BW between Control Plane and Data Plane
    • Support Firewall / Load Balancer functionality natively