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Networking project workshop @ UTSA, May 7-8, 2014


- ONIE update, Curt Brune
- Open Network Linux update, Rob Sherwood


From Carlos Cardenas: 2014-05-08 OCP Networking Meeting Minutes Facilitators: Carlos Cardenas and Omar Baldonado

Guest Speakers:

  • Jeff Catlin: Switch sled for OpenRack and 10Gb Intel based Accton switch proposal to OCP
  • Curt Brune: ONIE Status and ONIE Certification at UTSA
  • Rob Sherwood: ONL status
  • Omar Baldonado: Incubation process


  • Growth of the group has been outstanding
  • Need for more testing and possibly certification
  • Jeff discusses the switch sled that Accton will be donating the spec to OCP
    • Allows mounting a switch into an OCP Open Rack along with connecting to the main DC bus bar
    • Jeff discusses the Accton 10GB Intel based switch that has been submitted to the Incubation committee (note: will be submitted)
  • Agreement that the first certification should be between hardware and network operating systems
    • ONIE being the specification (i.e. contract between the two)
    • Curt and Carlos discuss ONIE (see Curt's slides and updated ONIE docs)
    • ONIE is landing x86 changes for inclusion for the 2014-08 release
    • UTSA Cloud and Big Data Laboratory is now a member of the ONIE community and the certification lab for ONIE starting with the 2014-08 release
    • Spec will be making the rounds in the mailing list in the coming weeks
    • Testing suite will be made available for vendors to self-certify: ONIE Ready while ONIE certification will require it to be tested at the C&I lab (UTSA)
      • Process matches OCP Ready and Certification for Server and Storage
  • Rob discusses ONL status (see Rob's slides)
  • Omar discusses Incubation process
  • Omar and Carlos discuss potential for other testing such as:
    • Switching fabric (i.e. Trident forwarding chip)
    • Pin outs
    • Additional software compatibilities (i.e. configuration management, real time data analytics, etc…)
    • Some agreement to have matrix of all switches and some informational material for the consumer (see Omar's table)
  • Open Forum
    • Carlos introduces topic to standardize on optics
      • Agreement from the group along with volunteers to help make it happen
      • Craig Thompson from Finisar will be contacting Carlos for assistance
      • Microsoft, Dell, and others will follow suit
  • Group Photo
  • Meeting adjourned