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Welcome to the OCP Data Center Facility Sustainability WIKI[edit]

The Sustainability is a Sub-project within the Data Center Facility Project.


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The Open Compute Project (OCP) - Data Center Facilities (DCF) Sustainability Project was formed to align the DCF project with the fifth OCP tenet - Sustainability. OCP has an IT focused Sustainability Initiative that focuses on the decarbonization of the IT infrastructure. This DCF-Sustainability Project is focused on decarbonizing the non-IT aspects of the data center. This project will engage industry partners to develop technology roadmaps, provide guidelines for the data center industry in support of achieving net zero carbon goals through innovation and collaboration in products and technologies. OCPs unique combination of hyperscalar influence, vendors and sub-projects such as the OCP Ready Program can be leveraged to accelerate the industry’s sustainability goals.


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Past DCF Sustainability Events[edit]