08/13/2013 (San Jose Engineering Summit)

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Attendees participating in the C&I breakout were DaWane Wanek (Avnet), Jason Sievert (Avnet), Howard Cohen (Hyve), Russ Lindsay (ZT Systems), Samantha Jian-Pielak (Canonical), Paul Huang (Quanta), Ward Wilson (Panduit) & Erik Riedel (EMC).

We decided to tackle two tactical C&I projects: Documentation & Known Good Configuration Repository.

For Documentation, we agreed that the current platform have nothing and that anything to improve the user experience would be progress. We decided that Documentation is a requirement for all ODM suppliers before that system can be a candidate system for certification. Minimum documentation must include: To be a feature that is designed into the system, those features need to be defined and described.

We decided that Paul and Russ were going to talk to their companies and give us a list of what kind of documentation that they would be comfortable giving out for their products as a starting point. Jason was going to start working on a prototype of Quickstart-like document.

On the Repository, the first thing is that we needed to stop calling it an AVL (thus the project is now aptly called the C&I Pre-certification "Tested Configuration" Repository. We've posted the beginnings of both Guidelines & Requirements on the Wiki:

  • Requirements for listing in pre-certs repository:
    • Passes "OCP Ready" self cert test
    • Baseline config starts with specific motherboard & BIOS rev
    • Detailed BOM configs must include all tested components, along with driver revs
  • Guidelines:
    • Only "Passed" configurations will get published in the repository
    • "Failed" data will get pushed directly to the component manufacturer of the failure
    • No anonymous data will be accepted for publication

Samantha was going to see if she could get an OCP branded portal access to their "supported platforms" database that could be used to publish the data. The group agreed to work on their respective take-aways and would give updates on the recurring C&I calls.