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Welcome to the OCP Server - Composable Memory System (CMS)

The OCP Composable Memory System is a sub-project within the Server project.

CMS was created based on the work of the SDM team from the OCP Future Technologies Initiative. History can be found in the FTI-SDM Wiki


  • CMS Workstream Lead
- Manoj Wadekar (Meta)
- Anjaneya Chagam (Intel)


Regular Project Calls

This project meets once a week via a conference call every Wednesday at 9AM-PT / 11AM-CT / 12pm-ET / midnight-China(winter) / 12pm-China(summer) please check the call calendar for any updates.

- Agendas will be sent out to the [] before each meeting
- Check the CMS page for joining mail list, calendar updates etc.
- Call Link

You can also dial in using your phone. United States (Toll Free): 1 877 309 2073 Access Code: 378-899-061

Recordings from Past Calls

Active documents

Type Description Version Submit Date Contributor License Notes
Proposal Converged Memory Systems (CMS) sub-project proposal

SDM Update Global OCP 2022
2022-10-7 SDM Scope - Final

n/a 10/27/2022 Manoj Wadekar (Meta) n/a Discussed in 11/30 Server Project call
Proposal SFF-TA-1034 CMM Proposal

Video recording 12/14/2022

n/a 12/07/2022 and 12/14/2022 Anant Thakar (Cisco) n/a Discussed in 12/07 and 12/14 CMS Project calls
Proposal Memory Pooling Challenges

Memory Pooling Challenges

n/a 01/04/2023 Mahesh Wagh (AMD) n/a Discussed in 01/04 CMS Weekly call
Proposal A framework to create specification related to memory pooling and memory expansion n/a 01/11/2023 Samir Rajadnya (Microsoft) n/a Discussed in 01/11 and 01/25 CMS Weekly call
Proposal Memory Access Tracking - baseline proposal n/a 02/01/2023 Anjaneya (Reddy) Chagam (Intel) n/a To be Discussed in 02/01 CMS Weekly call
Proposal Chameleon and Hotness tracking in TPP n/a 02/15/2023 Abhishek Dhanotia, Johannes Weiner (Meta) n/a Discussed in 02/15 CMS Weekly call
Proposal CMS:Scope Discussion n/a 02/22/2023 Manoj Wadekar(Meta) n/a Discussed in 02/22 CMS Weekly call

Past CMS Events