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(Past FTI Events)
(Past FTI Events)
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==Past FTI Events==
==Past FTI Events==
* 2021 Initiative Kickoff Webinar
* 2021 Future Technologies Initiative Kickoff Webinar
:- [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YfYmUWFt_8 Video]
:- [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YfYmUWFt_8 Video]
:- [https://146a55aca6f00848c565-a7635525d40ac1c70300198708936b4e.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/images/1da1e37821a422333c9b931390bac962075d20f2.pdf Slides]
:- [https://146a55aca6f00848c565-a7635525d40ac1c70300198708936b4e.ssl.cf1.rackcdn.com/images/1da1e37821a422333c9b931390bac962075d20f2.pdf Slides]

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Welcome to the oCP Future Technologies Initiative

The OCP Future Technologies Symposium effort has been successfully led by Chairs Allan Smith, currently the Lab Manager for Area 404, Facebook’s hardware prototyping laboratory, and Lesya Dymyd, a strategic innovation engineer at 2CRSi, serving as the Symposium Program Chair. Both will continue in their volunteer leadership roles for both the Symposium and the Initiative. 


The Future Technologies Initiative will focus on three specific technical areas, in alignment with the OCP Foundation Incubation Committee leaders in their Technology Roadmap. They will be:

Software Defined Memory Cloud Service Model AI HW-SW Design Collaboration

Additional R&D Opportunities area identified by the Community

Each focus area will be led by an industry veteran; Manoj Wadekar, Storage Hardware Architect at Facebook will lead the Software Defined Memory group and Murugasamy (Sammy) Nachimuthu, a lead cloud solutions architect and Sr. Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation, will lead the Cloud Service Model group. There is a search underway for a leader of the AI HW-SW Co-Design group. 

Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved in the OCP Future Technologies Initiative:

  • Join the mailing list to receive updates: FTI Mailing list
  • Join the mailing list of each group
- Software Defined Memory
- Cloud Service Model
- AI HW-SW Design Collaboration
  • Join the conversation in the FTI LinkedIn Group
  • Connect with the FTI team and the community, give advice and contribute.
  • Join the OCP Future Technologies Symposium [this will be linked to the new FTS Page], in November 2021, in conjunction with the OCP Global Summit. Submit a paper, propose participants, attend! 

The next OCP Future Technologies Symposium will be held as a Day 0 event prior to the start of the 2021 OCP Global Summit to be held in November, and will be a Hybrid event – meaning it will be in-person at the San Jose Convention Center, in San Jose, CA, and will also allow for virtual attendance and participation. 

Past FTI Events

  • 2021 Future Technologies Initiative Kickoff Webinar
- Video
- Slides