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Note that the specs below are at different stages of submission/approval

Hardware Specs

Accepted Hardware

Accton AS5712-54X - Leaf Switch

Accton ORSA-1RU - Open Rack Switch Adapter

Alpha Networks - SNX-60x0-486F - 48-port 10G SFP+ & 6-port 40G QSFP Switch

Alpha Networks - SNQ-60x0-320F - 32-port 40Gb QSFP TOR/Aggregation Switch

Mellanox MSX1410OCP - SwitchX-2 48 SFP+ & 12 QSFP+

Mellanox MSX1710OCP - SwitchX-2 36 QSFP+

Contributed Hardware


Accton - 32x40G, 32x100G - based on Broadcom silicon

Accton - 32x100G - based on Cavium silicon

  • Latest version/spec: v.02
  • Spec status: contributed - Oct 9, 2015
  • Contact: Jeff Catlin

Facebook Wedge

  • Latest version/spec: Wedge spec, v0.4 - Oct 17, 2015
  • License - OCPHL - R
  • Spec status: community review - April 13, 2015, IC review Sept 2015, IC vote Oct 2015
  • Orderability: now - from Accton
  • Contact: Hans-Juergen Schmidtke/Omar Baldonado (Facebook), Jeff Catlin (Accton)

Inventec DCS6072QS

  • Latest version/spec: v1.02, May 2015
  • License - OCPHL - P
  • 48x10GB SFP+, 6x40GB QSFP+
  • Spec status: Submitted
  • Switch availability: now
  • Contact: Alex Johnstone

Inventec DCS7032Q28

  • Latest version/spec: v1.02, May 2015
  • License - OCPHL - P
  • 32x100GB QSFP28
  • Spec status: Submitted
  • Switch availability: now
  • Contact: Alex Johnstone

Broadcom/Interface Masters Open 1.0 Leaf and Spine Switch specification

  • Latest version/spec: v1.0, October 2013
  • Spec status: Pending, Last review by Incubation Committee, July 2014, awaiting final license determination by Broadcom
  • Orderability: now
  • Contact: Eli Karpilovski (Broadcom), Ben Askarinam (Interface Masters)

Software Specs

Accepted Software

Open Network Install Environment

Open Network Linux

Switch Abstraction Interface

  • Microsoft, Dell, Facebook, Broadcom, Intel, Mellanox Current Spec v2
  • Spec status: Final and accepted - July 2015
  • License: Apache v2
  • Contact: Kamala Subramaniam

Contributed Software

ACPI Platform Description

  • Cumulus Networks, APD software spec, v0.1, April 2015
  • Discussed at OCP Summit 2015
  • Spec status: submitted
  • License: Kernel pieces (GPLv2), Userland docs/build: MIT
  • Contact: Dustin Byford


  • Broadcom, OpenNSL software spec, v0.14, November 2015
  • Mentioned at OCP Eng Workshop Boston 2015 Discussed at [TBD]
  • Spec status: submitted, To Be Discussed
  • License: Apache v2
  • Contact: Ashok Raman

Testing Activities

Pluggable Transceiver and Host Compliance and Interopability Test Plan

This is in conjunction with the UNH Interoperability Lab and their Open Networking Test Services

Old Specs

Specs that are no longer active are located here.