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Note that the specs below are at different stages of submission/approval

Hardware Specs

Accepted Hardware

Accton AS5712-54X - Leaf Switch

Accton ORSA-1RU - Open Rack Switch Adapter

Alpha Networks - SNX-60x0-486F - 48-port 10G SFP+ & 6-port 40G QSFP Switch

Alpha Networks - SNQ-60x0-320F - 32-port 40Gb QSFP TOR/Aggregation Switch

Mellanox MSX1410OCP - SwitchX-2 48 SFP+ & 12 QSFP+

Mellanox MSX1710OCP - SwitchX-2 36 QSFP+

Contributed Hardware


Accton - 32x40G, 32x100G - based on Broadcom silicon

Accton - 32x100G - based on Cavium silicon

  • Latest version/spec: v.02
  • Spec status: contributed - Oct 9, 2015
  • Contact: Jeff Catlin

Facebook Wedge

  • Latest version/spec: Wedge spec
  • License - OCPHL - R
  • Spec status: community review - April 13, 2015, IC review Sept 2015, IC vote Oct 2015
  • Orderability: now - from Accton
  • Contact: Hans-Juergen Schmidtke/Omar Baldonado (Facebook), Jeff Catlin (Accton)

Inventec DCS6072QS

  • Latest version/spec: v1.02, May 2015
  • License - OCPHL - P
  • 48x10GB SFP+, 6x40GB QSFP+
  • Spec status: Submitted
  • Switch availability: now
  • Contact: Alex Johnstone

Inventec DCS7032Q28

  • Latest version/spec: v1.02, May 2015
  • License - OCPHL - P
  • 32x100GB QSFP28
  • Spec status: Submitted
  • Switch availability: now
  • Contact: Alex Johnstone

Broadcom/Interface Masters Open 1.0 Leaf and Spine Switch specification

  • Latest version/spec: v1.0, October 2013
  • Spec status: Pending, Last review by Incubation Committee, July 2014, awaiting final license determination by Broadcom
  • Orderability: now
  • Contact: Eli Karpilovski (Broadcom), Ben Askarinam (Interface Masters)

Software Specs

Accepted Software

Open Network Install Environment

Open Network Linux

Switch Abstraction Interface

  • Microsoft, Dell, Facebook, Broadcom, Intel, Mellanox Current Spec v2
  • Spec status: Final and accepted - July 2015
  • License: Apache v2
  • Contact: Kamala Subramaniam

Contributed Software

ACPI Platform Description

  • Cumulus Networks, APD software spec, v0.1, April 2015
  • Discussed at OCP Summit 2015
  • Spec status: submitted
  • License: Kernel pieces (GPLv2), Userland docs/build: MIT
  • Contact: Dustin Byford

Open Compute SW Interface v1.01

  • Mellanox switch software interface proposed API
  • Latest version/spec: v1.01, Jan 2014
  • Spec status: in discussion with community
  • Contact: Aviad Raveh

Testing Activities

Pluggable Transceiver and Host Compliance and Interopability Test Plan

HW Performance Testing

  • Mellanox proposed spec
  • Discussed at UNH July 2014 workshop
  • Contact: Amit Katz, Mellanox

Old Specs

Specs that are no longer active are located here.