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CBW - Campus, Branch, and Wireless

Lead: Rajat Ghai ( )

These calls happen on the 3rd Monday of the month from 10-11 AM US/Pacific via a conference call. This call is open to the public.

Quick call info: Description: Registration URL Webinar ID: 657-610-323

Detailed monthly call information and meeting documents

Github repo :

Next workshop event: OCP Networking Technology Day - March 7, 2017 .

OCP CBW mission

"Closed wireless and branch networking equipment have served well in the past
but now is the time to democratize wireless networking to make it programmable,
faster, easier, and less expensive for customers and give everyone the power of choice like never before".

Upcoming call

Date: Monthly calls are on the 3nd monday of each month
Start Time: 1:00 PM Eastern (10 AM Pacific)
End Time: 2:00 PM Eastern (11 AM Pacific)

If you want to join in the meeting with video and to see any document/slides presented, then you should just the meeting Registration URL All this is at OCP events - you can click on the event in the calendar and copy the event to your calendar (Google).

This is the upcoming Meeting document

CBW Technology day demo network topology for March 7th 2016 - What will be demonstrated on technology day

CBW Linux working document for wish list of feature development [ document link ]