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== OCP Members ==
== OCP Members ==
* [[OCP Members List]]
== Solution Providers (SPs) ==
* [[OCP Solution Providers List]]

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Welcome to the main wiki page for the Open Compute Project. Currently there are seven (7) projects which individuals and organizations can get are encouraged to get involved with and participate in. PLEASE NOTE THESE PAGES ARE IN PROGRESS AND INFORMATION IS BEING UPDATED.


There are several ways that community can get involved with OCP. We encourage everyone to take a look at the [OCP website] and to sign up for our mailing lists, IRC channels and to participate in the projects meetings.


OCP Communities

We are looking to form new communities in various geographical regions around the world and our current focus is on Europe. If your organization is interested in becoming a founding member of Open Compute Project Europe (OCPE) please contact our Community Manager, [Amber Graner].

OCP Members

* OCP Members List

Solution Providers (SPs)

* OCP Solution Providers List