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Recording of Meeting

Fuze Meeting link: https://www.fuzemeeting.com/replay_meeting/04ea3761/7193362 This link will expire on: Thu, 31 Dec 2099


(Names in Bold indicates who attended)

  • Andy Bechtolsheim (self)
  • Amir Michael (Coolan)
  • Aaron Sullivan (Rackspace)
  • Conor Malone (Hyve Solutions)
  • William “Bill” Carter (Intel)
  • Kushagra Vaid (Microsoft)
  • Bob Ogrey (AMD)
  • Chilung Wang (ITRI)
  • Lakshmi Mandyam (ARM)
  • Matt Corddry (Facebook)
  • Amber Graner (OCP)
  • Corey Bell (OCP)
  • Steve Mills (Facebook)
  • Omar Baldonado (Facebook)
  • Carlos Cardenas (Cumulus)
  • Kamala Subramaniam (Microsoft)
  • David Maltz (Microsoft)
  • Dustin Byford (Cumulus)
  • Curt Brune (Cumulus)
  • Andy Qin (Cumulus

Dial in Instructions

Meeting URL: http://fuze.me/28697842

You can find international access numbers at: https://www.fuze.com/extras/symphony Toll Free #: +18553463893 Toll Number: Available upon request

Meeting ID 286-97-842


  • Network project review ADP, SAI, Wedge
  • Open Rack V2
  • Management interfaces on microservers
  • May 20th leadership meeting update
  • Project Updates

Links to Presentations

Other links

Spec Submission Checklist - https://docs.google.com/a/opencompute.org/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjqkXH-SzAr5dHAtb2lhaUppbE9POVE2TGRpTFo0dUE#gid=0


ADP - Dustin Goal is to make platform adoption easy for NOS vendors. Spec ready for review submission. Questions about integration with Linux and ACPI communities.

Wedge - Yuval Request from Amir to open repair and install guides. 32 port design not open, owned by vendor Available from Acton Design package ready for review

SAI - Kamala Using OCP mailing list for communication. Active discussions. No overlap with ONL, FBoss, APD. Spec and header files ready for review

Matt - OCP should be more prescriptive on the process for licensing designs. Where do they live how are they maintained, how do you know what license applies to which design?

AG - We list on the spec pages what the contributions are licensed under what licenses (to date only 2 hardware contributions use the OCPHLs the rest use the OWF license) The Foundation maintains copies in several places independent of the website as well as ones on the website. If we change the locations then we will update let the project leads know and let everyone know to update the wiki and spec page links.

Open Rack V2 - Steve Mills Rack - 2 power zones integrated batteries Power shelf 3 power supplies Cubby - increased weight support 208V version of pdu and shelf to be released in the future

Leadership Sprint - Amber Only 4 hours Submission consistency Go over process New website - needs feedback Wikipages clean up - IC meeting notes, submissions Kushagra - how to help adoption. What can the IC do? Provide flip charts. Board update, how can the board communicate more effectively with the projects and IC? Summit debrief / summary.

Microserver management - Bob Need something similar to Open BMC on the server side. Progress has been slow on server management. The microserver card contribution should include management.

Project updates Server - Bob Penguin 1U tray adapter for Open Rack V2. Cubby alternative. Will go through server group OCS M2 multi SSD spec. Getting it’s own spec. OCS power supply spec V2 is an addendum to current spec. Rugged Power outdoor enclosure. Which project group owns it?

Storage - Conor More honey badger design details from Wywinn Stack Velocity - Compute node shaped storage sled Netbric - spec needs better documentation. Massive array of flash Open Monitor - Framework for diags on drive populations

Action Items

See notes above

Next scheduled Meeting

Date: 4 June 2015 Start Time: 1pm PT/3pmCT/4pm ET End Time: 4pm PT/6pm CT/7pm ET

Spec Submission Process

If you are interested in submitting a specification to the OCP Foundation. The spec submission process can be found at: http://www.opencompute.org/community/get-involved/spec-submission-process/

Get Involved

You can find out more information about getting involved in OCP at: http://www.opencompute.org/community/get-involved/

If you have any questions about getting involved in OCP please contact Amber Graner