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Welcome to the OCP Data Center Facility Project: Colo SP Program Information Page


- Brevan Reyher - OCP Data Center Facility Project Lead -
- Mark Dansie - OCP Ready/Colo SP EMEA Lead -
- TBD - OCP Ready/Colo SP Americas Lead -
- TBD - OCP Ready/Colo SP APAC Lead -


  1. Contact Data Center Facility Project Lead​
  2. Receive access to scorecard and supporting information​
  3. Complete self-audit of guidelines and checklist​
  4. Complete scorecard and upload supporting information​
  5. Present to Data Center Facility Project Community​
  6. Receive approval from Incubation Committee​
  7. Complete requirements for Marketplace listing


  1. Must be a Corporate Member in good standing​
  2. Must be a Colo Solution Provider (CSP) ​
  3. Executed legal agreements (Membership, CSP, Copyright) ​
  4. Completed self-audit and recognition process​
  5. Paid applicable Membership and CSP fees​
  6. Published landing page on website for inbound OCP leads


  1. OCP Corporate Logo associated with Membership level​
  2. OCP Ready™ certification mark for website​
  3. OCP Solution Provider logo​
  4. Listing on OCP Marketplace​
  5. Google analytic reports provided quarterly from OCP team​
  6. Contribution Points toward Membership requirements​


Colo Facility Guidelines for OCP Racks V1.1