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(OCP Ready Facility Recognition Program)
(OCP Ready Facility Recognition Program)
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===OCP Ready Facility Recognition Program ===
===OCP Ready Facility Recognition Program ===
# Completed OCP Ready Facility Recognition Process
# Completed OCP Ready Facility Recognition Process
# Executed legal agreeements (OCP Ready Certification Mark Agreement)
# Executed legal agreements (OCP Ready Certification Mark Agreement)
===Colo Solution Provider===
===Colo Solution Provider===

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Welcome to the OCP Data Center Facility Project: OCP Ready Program Information Page


- Brevan Reyher - OCP Data Center Facility Project Lead - brevan.reyher@ocproject.net
- Mark Dansie - OCP Ready EMEA Lead - mark.dansie@inflectiontech.net
- TBD - OCP Ready Americas Lead -
- TBD - OCP Ready APAC Lead -

OCP Ready Facility Recognition Process

  1. Complete self-audit of OCP Colo Facility Guidelines and Site Assessment
  2. Contact Data Center Facility Project Lead​
  3. Review Site Assessment and supporting information​ with Project Lead
  4. Present to Data Center Facility Project Community​
  5. Receive approval from Incubation Committee​
  6. Execute OCP Ready Certification Mark Agreement
  7. Complete requirements for Colo Solution Provider


  1. Must be a OCP Tiered Corporate Member in good standing​
  2. Must be a OCP Ready recognized facility
  3. Must be a Colo Solution Provider (CSP) ​

OCP Ready Facility Recognition Program

  1. Completed OCP Ready Facility Recognition Process
  2. Executed legal agreements (OCP Ready Certification Mark Agreement)

Colo Solution Provider

  1. Executed legal agreements (Membership, CSP, Copyright)
  2. Paid applicable Membership and CSP fees​
  3. Published landing page on website for inbound OCP leads


  1. OCP Corporate Logo associated with Membership level​
  2. OCP Ready™ certification mark for website​
  3. OCP Solution Provider logo​
  4. Listing on OCP Marketplace​
  5. Google analytic reports provided quarterly from OCP team​
  6. Contribution Points toward Membership requirements​


Colo Facility Guidelines for OCP Racks V1.1