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Thao, Rhonda, Barb, Jie, Joel, YF, David Duffy, DaWane,Chilung, Jason, ITRI, Ken Park, Howard
Eric Updates:
  • Welcome ITRI
  • Review of Q1closeout and ask to update Q2 deliverables

Pre Cert Solution Share
  • Established with Joel as the lead
Cole Updates
  • OCP Certified and OCP Ready approved
  • OCP Certified goes through non profit labs
    • Can manufacturers also be solution providers?
    • We will do OCP Certified training
  • Networking was approved as an OCP Project. We need to consider how that will be certified
  • OCP Foundation will be hiring 2 full time employees
    • Technical program manager

Matthew gave an update on Out of Band
  • Prototype is in progress
  • Will review with team at the workshop
Thao gave an update on Physical
  • Great progress being made
Ken Park on Communications
  • Working on communications strategy
  • Video series to give updates on solutions
  • Put a draft presentation on the Evernote site. Please review and provide feedback.
Engineering Summit Planning
  • May 16th all day in Boston
  • DaWane is creating a doc so people can share travel arrangements and their schedules

Rough Draft Communication Strategy: Open Compute Micro-Summit Video Series
Amplification of the products, progress, standards, platforms and players of the OCP organization
Create a series of 10-15 Minute video spotlight videos that highlight leading OCP players, products and new trends driving the adoption of the principles and products at the foundation of the OCP and Open Stack. Each episode will feature 3 sections that revolve around that episode’s main theme or guest. Segment 1 is a run down of what’s new and exciting in the world of OCP -- a list of quick tech bytes that are noteworthy this week, sponsored by a participating sponsor. Segment 2 is our main interview and is the featured guest or guests for this episode. Utilizing online video conferencing technologies like Google+ Hangout, this segment is an open Q&A dialogue between host and guest(s) with invited guests as audience members. The third and final segment is an open discussion between host, guest and audience members, allowing the latter to ask questions or comment on the ideas discussed in the main interview. Segments will be presented with live visual bumpers controlled by a second host serving as a producer/controller and providing a less-technical, market-solution specific interpretation of the day’s content. He/she is almost like a moderator, moving the episode along and offering additional info and anecdotes to the production. He/she will also be a stop-gap for not letting the dialogue to get so technically deep that we lose audience. Once completed, the broadcast will yield a full 15min episode in addition to several quick hit segments that can be edited down and packaged as promotional pieces drawing traffic back to the program.
The use of a the same basic concept -- but specifically targeted toward training -- think OCP-specific Lynda.com.