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Overall Discussion

  • Ensure documentation flows through C&I group to approve and write conformance specs
  • Has to be documented to pass certification
  • How to publish results? Especially for self-testing. Like SPEC?
  • Look at what other trade groups do (PCI, USB etc.)
  • What level of certification is required? When firmware is updated? When systems are updated etc.?
  • Certify against existing specifications
  • How do the subsystems become part of the broader specifications?
  • Need to figure out versioning, what version of OCP do people certify against? How do we bring together common versioning across products?
  • How is branding decided? What is certified, what isn’t?
  • What is OCP? What are the minimum thing that need to be in the package?
  • Process needs to be rapid enough to be useful, to where it can be done in practice with real time to market.
  • Specs cannot lag product, specs need to lead product
Physical certification
  • What about liability for the foundation, related to safety
  • Safety should be included in the physical certification
  • Add weight to dimensions
  • Add power testing with set tests
  • Decide what we can reasonably test
  • Tolerance of specification
  • Enumeration / labeling
  • If software required to validate, should be opensource
Software Certification
  • Tests should be published to foundation. Should have eyeballs on it and reviewed by community
  • Need disposable OS
  • Need to run on system and remotely
  • Should we create community feedback around products?

From: Thurston, Bob [1] Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2013 11:04 AM To: Liste, Matthew [Tech]; 'ThaoAnNguyen@fb.com'; 'DaWane.Wanek@AVNET.COM'; Wells, Eric M.; 'cole@opencompute.org' Subject: RE: Final Presentation for C&I Technical Track Presentation

Guys below is my un-edited notes. I was just trying to take down comments as best I could. Take them for what they are worth. J

OCP C&I Room was 90% vendors Concern about the cost will drive up end server cost How often will they have to re-certify ? Next generation will complicate this Is firmware included if I rev my firmware do I have to re-certify? Do we have ref point of this working in other places? PCI express may be a good example to follow They are shipping before the spec is written seem frustrated with this. Do component level and role it up - instead of server. If all components are certified can the server automatically certified Omission in specification that matters could be an issue. Include other certification such as "all cards must be PCI complaint" Go through specification from other groups and see if there is even enough in it to even do a certification If versions iterate too fast the keeping test suites up dated could be difficult Do not use self certification use self testing ! Repository where level of certification and ready has been passed . Github? Does physical include weight max? Branding dilution issue Starting point to have guide lines to what should and should not be included in OCP Process must be rapid enough to have value What is OCP have to be the specs Interoperability feast to find out it doesn't work :) Dimensions Safety - reach out to use existing standard Liability question if we say it is complaint and it turns out it isn't Power peak work load with a load set test - benchmark Voltage /wattage - maybe do not set the limit 1500 lbs 2700 lbs Weight per U of space Environmentalists should just be defined Can we reasonably test it? What is serviceability - should use # 2 screw driver not secure Torah Labeling standards do we start with a 0 or a 1 Issue with physical location. Difficult to measure ? Tolerance of speciation is important ! Behavioral and usability standards. Should dimm location be controlled Workload and software stack ? Does it work with Should the driver be opened Should it be required it runs "OCP complaint OS" Fully contained testing environment disposable OS critical Can we test all 27 commands in certification Remote IPMI must be run both local and remote How do we publish result? If you self test do we need to allow you to publish your result at anOCP.org website