Open Compute Project


Data Center

Project Chair: Robert Bunger

Designed in tandem with Open Compute servers, the data center maximizes mechanical performance and thermal and electrical efficiency. 

The Data Center project comprises electrical and mechanical components; you can download the charter.

Project Scope:

The Data Center Project will focus its efforts in 5 functional areas of the data center:

  1. Data Center Facility Power

  2. Data Center Facility Cooling

  3. IT Space Layout and Design

  4. Data Center Facility Monitoring and Control

  5. Data Center Facilities Operation 

Deploying OCP in a Collocated Facility

Even if you can’t build a data center, you can deploy Open Compute Project technologies in collocated data centers.

  • Deploy servers in Open Racks

  • Retrofit 19″ racks to accommodate OCP servers. 

 Project Specifications and Designs can be found on the wiki pages. Click here to see a current list of Project Specifications and Designs