Open Compute Project


Data Center

Project Chair: Jason Schafer and Robert Bunger

Designed in tandem with Open Compute servers, the data center maximizes mechanical performance and thermal and electrical efficiency. It accepts 277 volts of AC, so more energy makes it from the grid to the data center to server components.

To download an example virtual facility model operating in a mode where outdoor air is mixed with return air to provide cooling to be opened with the 6SigmaViewer software, click here. To view this file download the 6SigmaOpenViewer software here.

The Data Center Design project comprises electrical and mechanical components; you can download the specification.

In addition, the OCP Asia-Pacific chapter translated the specification into Japanese.

Deploying OCP in a Collocated Facility

Even if you can’t build a data center, you can deploy Open Compute Project technologies in collocated data centers.

  • Deploy servers in Open Racks

  • Retrofit 19″ racks to accommodate OCP servers.

Read this specification for more information.