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These specifications are no longer being tracked by the OCP. They have either been deprecated, rejected, or simply timed out because of activity.

Mellanox MSX1400OCP[edit]

  • Deprecated in favor of MSX1410OCP (below)
  • Latest version/spec: v1.2, May 2014
  • Earlier versions - v1.0, initial
  • Spec status: Pending, Reviewed by Incubation Committee, awaiting next version from Mellanox (presented May 22, 2014)
  • Switch availability: now?
  • Contact: Michael Rivers

Intel - OCP ONP Bare Metal Spec 1.0[edit]

  • Not actively being worked on - no work since 1Q 2014
  • Latest version/spec: v1.0, Jan 2014
  • Spec status: Reviewed by community, TBD by Intel
  • Orderability: now?
  • Contact: Michael Miller

HW Performance Testing[edit]

  • Mellanox proposed spec
  • Discussed at UNH July 2014 workshop
  • Contact: Amit Katz, Mellanox

Open Compute SW Interface v1.01[edit]

  • Mellanox switch software interface proposed API
  • Latest version/spec: v1.01, Jan 2014
  • Spec status: in discussion with community
  • Contact: Aviad Raveh