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OCP Networking Project Call - Nov 10, 2014


  • Follow-up on Paris workshop -
  • Potentially moving monthly call earlier in day to accommodate folks in Europe and/or Asia
  • Status on various specs and initiatives, previous action items
  • More SAI discussion, determine in-person meeting time


Please write your name, organization, and whether you'd prefer Dec 2, Dec 9 or either for a F2F meeting in Silicon Valley to discuss the Switch Abstraction Interface

  • Omar Baldonado (Facebook) - either
  • Carlos Cardenas (UTSA) - Dec 2
  • Chuck Hudson (HP) - prefer Dec 2
  • Lionel Pelamourgues (OPtumSof)
  • Subi Krishnamurthy(DELL) - prefer December 2
  • Bruce Barkhouse (Kuatro Technologies) - prefer Dec 9
  • LIk Seng Lim (Delta Products) - prefer Dec 9
  • Pathangi Janardhanan (DELL) - Prefer Dec 2
  • Scott Feldman (none) - can't make it, no funds
  • John-Nicholas Furst (Akamai)
  • John Jones (EZchip) - prefer Dec 9
  • Christopher Wong (Avago)
  • Rob Sherwood (Big Swich Networks) - Pref Dec 2; cannot make Dec 9th
  • Hitesh Wadekar(Clarkson University)
  • Michael Payne (JPMorgan Chase) - Prefer Dec 2: Dec 9 also works
  • Aviad Raveh (Mellanox)
  • Guohan (Microsoft)
  • Jack Kohn (Juniper) Prefer Dec 2nd
  • Ben Gale (Broadcom) - Dec 2nd preferred, Dec 9th OK
  • Marc Randolph (Dell)
  • Peter "Doofus" Krey (OCP / Krey Associates ) Dec 2 ... already traveling Dec 9th ...
  • Curt Brune (Cumulus Networks) - either works
  • Sanjay Sane(DELL) - Dec 2
  • Ed (Barefoot) - Dec 2
  • Omar Sultan (Cisco) - Dec 2 Pref, Dec 9 OK


  • Paris Overview
    • 90% of attendees are first timers
    • Any interest for the Serial Concentrator?
      • Would like to have one but not be the first to build one
    • Any interest in IPMI on network devices?
      • Not really tied to IPMI but something like Chassis Manager in OCP-Server
    • Any interest in increasing the bw between control and data plane?
      • Yes, but what is the quantitative mark should we strive for?
  • Broadcom/Interface Masters Contribution
    • Still working on License, expecting final contribution by end of year
  • Mellanox Contribution
    • Still working on License
    • Box(es) being sent for ONIE compliance
  • Accton Contributions
    • AS57XX-54X (48x10GB + 4x40GB), accepted by OCP-IC
    • Open Rack Switch Adapter
      • Working to address feedback by OCP-IC and to resubmit later this year
  • Alpha Contribution
    • SNQ-60x0-320F (32x40GB), reviewed by OCP-IC and need to submit additional files/docs.
  • ONIE Update
    • 2014-11 release next week
    • Added 15 new platforms in this release (huge!)
    • Preliminary ARM (32bit) support coming
    • Canonical support to integrate ONIE into MaaS and to take ONIE to the server
  • Draft: Pluggable Modules Compliance (Optics)
    • First draft sent out, already received good feedback
    • Aiming to have draft mostly complete by end of year to start testing in 2015
    • Elephant in the room, proper testing optics is going to be expensive
    • Need to work out a solution to spread costs -- topic to be addressed to OCP-F
  • OpenNetworkLinux Update
    • Taking OCP-IC input and putting together a software spec for the contribution
  • Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI) Update
    • F2F seems to be most request by members, Dec 2 seems to capture most of attendees
    • For those that plan on attending, should be
      • very familiar with the SAI draft
      • any questions or concerns on the draft should be sent the mailing list so that it can be addressed (either on the list or the f2f)
  • Open Forum
    • Introduce Linux switch driver model and Rocker switch (Scott Feldman)
    • Linux switch driver against emulated switch ASIC (rocker) (net-dev linux kernel mailing list)


  • Face to face meeting for SAI to be announced shortly (week of Nov 11) for Dec 2