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OCP networking project monthly call - August 11, 10-11 AM US/Pacific, 1-2 PM Eastern


  • Carlos Cardenas (UTSA)
  • Curt Brune (Cumulus Networks)
  • Chuck Hudson (HP)
  • CJ Williams (Microsoft)
  • David Castneda (Visa)
  • Robert Chu (Alphanetworks)
  • Chloe Lin (Alphanetworks)
  • Jo Chang (Alphanetworks)
  • Brad Booth (Microsoft)
  • Mike Andrewartha (Microsoft)
  • lam (NEC)
  • Mike Sem (Visa)
  • Rob Sherwood (Big Switch Networks)
  • Peter Bruno
  • Dan Sparacin (Aurrion)
  • Amir Sheffer (Mellanox)
  • Bill Burger (Accton)
  • Amber Graner (OCP)
  • Chris Wong (Avago)
  • Marc Randolph (Dell)
  • Gerard Ghaibeh (Facebook)
  • Dave Maltz (Microsoft)
  • Albert Chen (Amphenol)

New Guidelines for Contribution Credits

Review Alpha Spec

  • What version of ONIE is being targeted?
    • 2014.08
  • What NOS support?
  • Will you be adding fan tray connector part number?
    • We will be adding the connector number soon.
  • When the planes of the boxes will be available?
    • Support for Msata drive for more than 128G flash (Gerard ghaibeh)

ONIE testing/certification update

  • Will be contacting vendors this week to resolve 'non-hardware' requirements for ONIE
  • Expect to start certification process in the coming weeks

Review HW perf testing

  • What's the best way to move forward?

Review optics testing

  • No update

Review OOB switch

  • No update

Upcoming OCP Workshops

  • China
  • Japan
  • France

Open Discussion

  • Rob Sherwood: ONL is working towards to get it into OCP.
    • Amber: work with Omar and Will Mapp
  • Robert Chu: Is there an open, standard API for software vendors to port their NOS?
    • Aviad: Mellanox has put forward a proposal last year about this and from the UNH workshop, it sounds like other vendors would like to join in on this effort
    • CJ: Microsoft would like to work with the community and that in the next few weeks we can add more work
  • Mediatek: No standard on HAL?
    • Rob Sherwood: Need to have a few key applications and then eventually standardize on things that work.