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OCP Community Q&A Sessions

The Community Q&A Sessions are bi-weekly broadcast to discuss frequently asked questions by the community. The broadcasts are done using the OCP Google+ Account and streamed via Google+ Hangouts on Air. The recordings are made available immediately after each broadcast on the OCP Youtube channel.

Where to watch

Watching from the link below will give you the ability to join the IRC Channel and watch the broadcast in one location.


Next Session - 3 December at 2:00-2:30pm CST - Topic - Tiered Membership


  • 3 December - Tiered Membership
  • 17 December - OCP Projects
  • 31 December - NO BROADCAST

How to submit your questions

Prior to the Broadcast

Please submit your questions through the following webform:

During the broadcast

Join the #ocp-all IRC channel on Freenode

Don't have an IRC client installed? Joining using the webchat link below:

Past Broadcasts