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  • Ready 1.0 is targeted for release over the next month. Outstanding actions:
    • We are waiting for a hosting source on the OCP site
    • Joel, Matthew & Dan will run tests on Roadrunner and Winterfell servers to confirm it works on those platforms
    • Open – How should we announce the release of Ready 1.0
  • UTSA & ITRI Lab announcement
    • A press release will be put together (by OCP) to announce the formation of the UTSA and ITRI labs. It will be reinforced as a key building block to standing up labs and developing the OCP certification process
    • A meeting will be held with OCP, ITRI, UTSA and other key stakeholders to discuss approach over the coming weeks
  • Certified
    • YF and Paul are going to put together a high level approach on what needs to happen for us to get Certified done for servers, both from a technical and operational standpoint.
    • This will include key roles and skill-sets required.
    • We will communicate on this via Google Docs and some of the other new tools over the next several weeks and review at the next Meet Up.
    • Goal is to engage people as we go after Certified in earnest.