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  • C&I Bi-Weekly Project meetings will move to Mondays
    • We will rotate meetings between 10am US EST and 5pm US EST
  • Alpha "Server Ready" Release
    • Jeff M & Jeff L are now engaged and will be working with the alpha Release team to on integrating the tests developed into the Checkbox framework and helping with development of an OCP Checkbox.
    • Bob T and team will take the checkbox they get from the "Jeff's" and package it in a YUM format. It will then be installed on Centos & put on the disposable OS GS provided. Once that is complete it will be sent back out to everyone.
    • Bob T will take lead on identifying each of the stories that are required to be completed in getting to the Alpha Release.
  • "Server Certified" Release
    • YF is leading the launch of this project.
    • Assumption is that the "Certified" release will sit on top of the "Ready" release
    • A number of questions and issues need to be worked through to define what Certified is and how the logistics will work.
    • YF has already engaged different folks such as David D, Thao, Paul R and others to get initial thoughts.
    • First focus is identifying a working team to help move this forward. YF will send an e-mail out to the C&I mailing list asking for volunteers.
  • August Engineering Summit
    • C&I will have a few small working teams at the August summit (like Documentation)
    • The larger C&I group will reconvene at the following Engineering summit, tentatively planned for 10/1 in the NYC area.
  • Friendly reminder for people to utilize the C&I mailing list as much as possible when communicating.
  • Second friendly reminder…please don't be shy about volunteering to work on any of the C&I initiatives. We invite and appreciate any help you can give.

Additional info from Bob Thurston:
In this week’s meeting I was asked to track the tasks required to get the alpha release for ready out. To get a complete list I ask everyone involved to think about the things they need to do and please also respond with any task you thinks needs to be done even if not something you plan to do so we can be sure we have a complete punch list.
I will track and report out progress and completion.
Things I think I have on my teams plate.
  • Package checkbox in YUM format for the disposable OS. (Fidelity Team)
  • Install the checkbox on an image of the disposable OS we received from the Goldman team and put it back into an ISO with the checkbox installed (Fidelity Team)
Please respond with the stories you think need to get done to call this complete !