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  • We will work to reschedule the regular meeting for C&I probably for Monday's.
  • Alpha release is tracking for end of agile early August
    • David Duffy will try to take internal resources to help wrap up software scripts
    • David Duffy will also provide links to Bob Thurston so he can begin packaging
  • Bob Thurston will focus on packaging
  • Ken Park shared details about a communications approach for the Alpha Release that can be used eventually across OCP project teams
    • Approach will be to do small interview segments leading up to and after the release.
    • Next action is to storyboard the server ready alpha release
    • Well then identify potential candidates to be interviewed for the communications approach
  • Engineering workshops are scheduled for August 13 in California and potentially October 1st in NYC. Will discuss agenda for 8/13 event at next meeting
  • YF reported that build out of ITRI lab is underway and making good progress
  • Aaron Sullivan introduced himself as the rep from the OCP Incubation Committee who is focused on C&I.
  • Aaron discussed potential opportunities to integrate OpenStack and Opencompute certification efforts.