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  • Ready Alpha Release
    • Will follow up with David Duffy to review status of software scripts
    • Dan Hyland has published Out of Band scripts
    • Thao has provided the latest physical certification process document
    • Bob Thurston will link with David to ensure he has everything that needs to be packaged
    • Will ask Ken Park to post a release announcement accordingly
      • Goal is to have 0.9 release ( Alpha) by mid July
      • Goal to have 1.0 release (Prod) by end of August
  • YF will lead the "Certified" project
    • We a excited to have YF lead this critical effort
  • US Lab Enablement
    • Paul Rad is building out the RFI document and will have a draft to share over the next several weeks
  • Also building a roles and responsibilities document
  • DaWane Wanek kindly volunteered to establish the C&I presence on the Wiki and to lead the effort to migrate the Evernote documents over to the wiki. Once established we will migrate completely on to the wiki for document sharing. Complete