05/19/2013 (MIT Engineering Summit)

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  • A big decision we made was to focus first on releasing a Server Ready package and beyond that focus on delivering an OCP Server Certified package
  • Current focus is compute versus storage, network or other infrastructure.
OCP Server "Ready"
  • Attributes
    • Motherboard must be OCP contributed and approved by the Incubation committee
    • Allows self testing of a server using the Server Ready package
    • The test-suite will be packaged within the “disposable OS” to be able to run as a complete standalone package. The test-suite will also be released as software only for those that prefer it as such but only by running it from the disposable OS will it actually qualify (so we can ensure purity of underlying libraries, OS etc.)
      • Will not require special testing equipment
      • Will not utilize independent labs
      • Will be a light, kick the tires package
      • Will not involve funding
      • Will intentionally be less desirable for consumers than "Certified"
    • Here are the current release target timeframes:
      • OCP Server Ready 0.9 release – July 1st. This will be our alpha release.
      • OCP Server Ready 1.0 release – August timeframe. This all be the first official release
        • Here is a list of action items to get us to the 0.9 release
        • COMPLETE - Deliver revised physical test plan to David Duffy (being finalized right now by Thao) - Thao Nguyen
        • Integrate the test plan into the release doc that leverages a Canonical format – David Duffey
        • Confirm what will be included with the "Out of Band" component of the release – Dan Hyland
        • Confirm Spec power comparison approach that will be included in the 0.9 release – Matthew Liste
  • 0.9 release packaged - Bob Thurston
  • 0.9 release package posted on opencompute.org - tbd
  • 0.9 release announcement posted on opencompute.org – DaWane, Matthew, Eric
Here is a current list of additional items we will target for the 1.0 release
  • Online repository that accommodates the uploading and tracking of OCP Server Ready tests
  • Additional "Out of Band" certification capabilities

OCP Server "Certified"
  • Attributes
    • Motherboard must be OCP contributed and approved by the Incubation committee
    • Testing and certification will be conducted by an independent OCP lab
    • Will require special testing equipment
    • Will be a rigorous testing approach and package
    • Will involve funding
    • Will intentionally be much more desirable for consumers than "Ready"
  • While work will continue over the summer that contributes to Certified, the September Engineering summit will be focused on working on the Certified package.
  • We will work over the summer to develop identify lab requirements and to select an initial lab(s) :Current action plan for this includes:
  • Build out lab requirements documents to be used in an RFI – Paul Rad
  • Send proposed lab equipment requirements to Paul Rad – Thao Nguyen
  • Complete RFI document – tbd
  • Execute RFI with target colleges – tbd