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About this Workgroup

The TELCO/COMMS community was formed to assist the adoption of open hardware and software-

- leverage the work of the network, server, rack, and storage workgroups. An imparative of this Telco WG is to align with these groups whenever possible.   - recognize that there may be a unique attributes required and in such cases, the WG will define the usage and feature requirements and work with the OCP community base and the WG’s to fulfill these requirements.  - provide a "single voice" to OCP Service Providers and member companies on unique needs of the Telecom's private cloud, and in doing such, the community acts as a ‘buyers coop’ for sourcing.   Acting Project Lead: Bill Carter, Intel

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March 2015 Engineering Summit Presentations

Tom Anschultz, AT&T - Virtual Optical Line Terminator Project Proposal

Kevin Johnson, Intel - Presentation: The Hyperscale Vortex Path to Destiny

Workgroup Meetings