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Workstream #4

Time Appliances Project


Implementors needing to select oscillators for synchronizing networks in data centers face several challenges. Synchronization is a system-level requirement that is unclear how to satisfy by reading an oscillator datasheet. This makes it difficult and time consuming to select oscillators, leading to inconsistent and unpredictable PTP performance in the network. Therefore, the goal of this workstream is to specify classes of oscillators for common data center use cases to make it easier and faster to compare and select oscillators with high confidence to achieve a given level of PTP performance.

Project Team

- Lead: Gary Giust (SiTime)

Recording from Past Calls

Recordings Slides

Apr-6, 2022
Mar-23, 2022
Feb-2, 2022
Jan-5, 2022
Dec-1, 2021
Sep-1, 2021; Sep-8, 2021; Sep-15, 2021; Sep-22, 2021
Aug-11, 2021; Aug-25, 2021
Jul-21, 2021
Jun-2, 2021;Jun-9, 2021; Jun-23, 2021
May-5, 2021; May-12, 2021; May-19, 2021, May-26 2021
Apr-7, 2021; Apr-14, 2021;Apr-21, 2021;Apr-28, 2021;
Mar-18, 2021; Mar-31, 2021; Mar-18, 2021