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Instrumentation and Measurement - Workstream #6

Time Appliances Project


Open source ecosystem for instrumentation and measurement software and tools. Scalable, reliable, cost-effective and efficient.

Project Team

- Lead: Anand Ram (Calnex)
- Lead: Julian St James (Meta)

Recording from Past Calls

Hardware Roadmap

Initial Proof of Concept based on Time Card for PPS measurement


Integrate Time Card timestamping for data collection and export

Potential Future Solutions

Core Hardware Objective
#1 TDC Small, cheap, and low power use-case
#2 PTM controller A PCIe based daughter card that can be synchronized with a high stability source (Time Card) over PCIe to scale PPS measurements
#3 UWB A method for distributing GPS and time to areas where measurements are made, but GPS is not available
#4 DPLL A discrete design based around a DPLL , removing the need for an FPGA