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Storage Project Workshop @ Western Digital: October 29th, 2019: Video
Topic Speaker Affiliation Slides
OPTIMIZING SSD FORM FACTORS Jason Adrian Microsoft Slides
E1.S 14mm Airflow vs. Power David Wright, Dave Landsman Western Digital Slides
Future SSD Survey results Storage Project Group Slides
Initial EDSFF Thermal NGD Systems Slides
Storage Project Workshop @ Seagate: October 28th, 2019: Video Pictures Agenda
Topic Speaker Affiliation Slides
Future HDD Interfaces Jason Adrian Microsoft Slides
Getting to One David Burks Seagate Slides
Zone Size Considerations James Borden Seagate Slides
HDD IO Priority: Challenges and Questions Yong Jiang Facebook Slides
Gen Z Queuing Ralph Weber Western Digital Slides
HDD IO Prioritization Mark Gaertner Seagate Slides

Storage Presentations and In Person Meetings

Title Speaker Date Contributor OCP Candidate (Yes/No)
October 8, 2020 Monthly Call
Facebook Storage Box Introduction Ross Stenfort October 8th, 2020 Facebook
NVMe Cloud SSD Next Steps v1e Ross Stenfort October 8th, 2020 Facebook
December 12, 2019 Monthly Call
NVMe Cloud SSD Specification Ross Stenfort, Ta-Yu Wu, Lee Prewitt December 12th, 2019 Facebook, Microsoft
SSD FORMFACTOR COMMONALITY Jason Adrian December 12th, 2019 Microsoft Azure
EI.S Thermal Study December 12th, 2019 Microsoft Azure December 12th, 2019 Microsoft, Dell EMC, HPE
April 2019 Monthly Call
Recording April 11th, 2019
Project Zipline Proposal April 11th, 2019 Microsoft
February 2019 Monthly Call
Recording February 14, 2019
Fabric Attached Device System Proposal February 14, 2019 WDC
Open Composable API Specification February 14, 2019 WDC
OCP Storage Project Workshop, January 24, 2019
Recording January 24, 2019 Seagate
HDD Connector considerations for PCIe/NVMe January 24, 2019 Seagate
Ethernet & RDMA tape drive connectivity January 24, 2019 Spectra Logic
Goose Lake January 24, 2019 Inspur
Fast Fail Read January 24, 2019 Cloud HDD Subgroup
Fast Fail Read - T10 updates January 24, 2019 Western Digital
Tape Health Monitoring January 24, 2019 IBM
High Performance HDDs January 24, 2019 Seagate
OCP Storage Workshop, October 29, 2018
Archival Subgroup Charter Jason Adrian October 29, 2018 Microsoft
Open Composable API Jeff Nicholson, Mark Miquelon October 29, 2018 Western Digital
Archival Storage @ Microsoft Jason Adrian October 29, 2018 Microsoft
Archival Storage @ Facebook Samit Ashdhir & Stanley Czarnecki October 29, 2018 Facebook
Accelerated Tape Durability Modeling (Objectives) Jason Adrian & Gordon Goins October 29, 2018 Microsoft
Accelerated Tape Durability Modeling (Draft Testing Methodology) Jason Adrian & Gordon Goins October 29, 2018 Microsoft
Reimagined HDD-based cold storage architectures Riyan Mendonsa & John Dykes October 29, 2018 Seagate
NVMe as a future HDD interface? Nicholas Dance October 29, 2018 Seagate
IO Prioritization? Lee Prewitt October 29, 2018 Microsoft
SMR HDDs and Mutate command Mark Gaertner & James Borden October 29, 2018 Seagate
OCP Storage Monthly Call, Online, January 11, 2018
Lightning Spec Update Overview Clark Shao January 11, 2018 Facebook NA
Bryce Canyon Spec Update Overview Madhavan Ravi January 11, 2018 Facebook NA
Wiwynn Bryce Canyon & Lightning Design Contribution Overview Bing Wu January 11, 2018 Wiwynn NA
OCP Storage Monthly Call, Online, April 13, 2017
Request for T13 Resources Jim Hatfield April 13, 2017 Seagate NA
OCP Storage Monthly Call, Online, February 9, 2017
Cloud-optimized HDD API Standardization Process Lawrence Ying February 9, 2017 Google NA
Host-Managed Fast-Fail Read Proposal Lawrence Ying February 9, 2017 Google NA
'OCP Storage Monthly Call, Online, August 11, 2016'
Health Chain Management Stephen O’Mahony & Jun Liu August 11, 2016 Apple, Seagate Yes
Open CloudServer-vNext Generation Mark Shaw August 11, 2016 Microsoft Yes
OCP Storage Monthly Call, Online, July 14, 2016
Data Center Storage Task Force Mark Carlson July 14, 2016 SNIA No
OCP Engineering Workshop at Quanta, San Jose, June 2, 2016
Introduction to Ceph Jacob Shucart June 2, 2016 Red Hat Inc. No
Adding Analytical Intelligence to the Block Storage Layer Andy Mills June 2, 2016 Enmotus No
OCP Summit San Jose, March 10, 2016
OpenMonitor, Wear Leveling Across Data Centers Mark Carlson March 10, 2016 Storage Subgroup Yes
Lightning: A Flexible NVMe JBOF Chris Petersen March 10, 2016 Facebook Yes
SCube AF-Media, High Density/High Efficient All-Flash Storage Server Jungsoo Kim March 10, 2016 SKT Yes
Disks for Data Center in the era of Cloud-based storage Lawrence Ying March 10, 2016 Google Yes
OCP Summit San Jose, March 10, 2015
Health monitoring & predictive analytics Christian B. Madsen & Andrei Khurshudov March 10, 2015 Seagate Technology No
Honey Badger and Panther+ Mike Yan March 10, 2015 Facebook Yes
S5,the ALL-FLASH Software Defined Storage for CLOUD Vince Zhou March 10, 2015 NetBRIC Technology Yes
“Igloo” Cold Storage Concept Rob Ryan March 10, 2015 WD Labs No
OCP Summit San Jose, March 11, 2015
SMR, The Future of Cheap and Deep Paul Renden March 11, 2015 Seagate Technology No
Optimal Methods for Handling Our Precious Data Amit Chattopadhyay March 11, 2015 WD No
OCP Engineering Workshop San Jose, March 9, 2015
State of The Storage Asghar Riahi March 9, 2015 OCP Storage Chair/Seagate Technology No
Leveraging Ceph on Next Gen Storage Jamon Bowen March 9, 2015 Seagate Technology No
HatTrick High Density OCP Storage Solution Howard Cohen March 9, 2015 StackVelocity Yes
Object Drives, A New Architectural Positioning? Mark Carlson March 9, 2015 SNIA/Toshiba No
Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Platform David Burks & Mayur Shetty March 9, 2015 Seagate Technology No
Architecting Highly Efficient Web-scale Cold Storage for Unstructured Data Mark Goros & Jie Yu March 9, 2015 Caringo / WD No
Storage & Certification Joint Session Asghar Riahi & Thao Nguyen & YF & Paul Rad March 9, 2015 Seagate,Facebook, ITRI, UTSA No
Evolving from Appliance Switched Fabrics to Device Switched Fabrics Dimitar Boyn March 9, 2015 ioSwitch No
SMR Directions: Data Center Applications Jim Malina & Albert Chen March 9, 2015 WD No
OCP European Summit, Paris, October 30 & 31, 2014
State of the Storage Asghar Riahi October 30, 2014 OCP Storage Committee Report No
Which OCP Storage is right for you? Adam Tarnowski October 30, 2014 Hyve Solutions No
Object Drives - A New Architectural Positioning? Mark Carlson October 30, 2014 Toshiba No
SMR Directions: Data Center Applications Jim Malina October 30, 2014 Western Digital No
The Future of Cheap & Deep Philippe Vaillant October 30, 2014 Seagate Technology No
SMR, the ZBC/ZAC Standards and the New libzbc Open Source Project Jorge Campello October 30, 2014 HGST No
Capacity to Bigfoot Lead with Kinetic and Rausch Joe Fagan & Sebastian Noelting October 31, 2014 Seagate Technology & Rausch No
Previous Storage Presentations
Micro Server in Open Vault Storage Mike Yan Jan 28, 2014 Facebook Yes
Dramatic Improvement in Storage Performance by Implementing Vibration Protection Rack Gus Malek-Madani Jan 28, 2014 Green Platform Corporation No
Archive & Cold Storage Device Trends Jun Liu & Josh Tinker Jan 28, 2014 Seagate Technology No
Flash for the Future Nisha Talagala & Gary Orenstein Jan 28, 2014 Fusion-io No
Rack Storage for Cloud Applications Manoj Wadekar Jan 28, 2014 QLogic Corp. No
Kinetic Open Storage Platform James Hughes Jan 28, 2014 Seagate Technology No
SMR Host Managed Albert Chen &

Jim Malina

Jan 28, 2014 Western Digital Corporation No
Chassis Design Best Practices to Optimize Hard Drive I/O Performance Richard N Repp May 8, 2014 Seagate Technology No
Cloud Storage Challenges and Opportunities Dimitar Boyn May 8, 2014 ioSwitch No
SMR Zoned Block Device Overview Timothy Feldman July 21, 2014 Seagate Technology No

Past Projects