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(Storage Committee Review)
(Storage Committee Review)
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! Notes
! Notes
| [http://files.opencompute.org/oc/public.php?service=files&t=0ab1c41dd11111c4f3ceafc175883fcb Micro-Server Card]
| [http://<location of the file on the owncloud> Cold Storage Disk Enclosure]
| v0.7
| v0.7
| Feb 20, 2014
| Feb 20, 2014

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Specs and Designs

Links to the current Specs and Designs that have been contributed to OCP.

A template specification is located here with example chapters and tables. Be sure to ensure that you've got the correct license in place according to your company's submission policies.

Storage Presentations

<Text describing this section needed>

Title Speaker Date Contributor OCP Candidate (yes/No)
Dramatic Improvement in Storage Performance by Implementing Vibration Protection Rack Gus Malek-Madani Jan 28, 2014 Green Platform Corporation No
Archive & Cold Storage Device Trends Jun Liu & Josh Tinker Jan 28, 2014 Seagate Technology No
Flash for the Future Nisha Talagala &

Gary Orenstein

Jan 28, 2014 Fusion-io No
Rack Storage for Cloud Applications Manoj Wadekar Jan 28, 2014 QLogic Corp. No
Kinetic Open Storage Platform James Hughes Jan 28, 2014 Seagate Technology No
SMR Host Managed Albert Chen &

Jim Malina

Jan 28, 2014 Western Digital Corporation No

Storage Committee Review

This section contains all the documents currently under review by the Storage Committee.

Specification Version Submit Date Contributor Notes
<location of the file on the owncloud> Cold Storage Disk Enclosure v0.7 Feb 20, 2014 Facebook

Open Rack Compatible Specifications

Under construction. This section currently contains all other specs....

Specification Version Submit Date Contributor Notes
Open Rack Blade Mechanical specification v0.3 Jan 16, 2013 Facebook Electrical interface missing
Intel Motherboard Future-EP

Fan speed control

v3.0 Jan, 2014 Facebook Need to add mechanical interface dimensions, resolve TBDs
Intel Motherboard SandyBridge EP

Design exchange format (DXF)

Solid Works CAD Models (1 of 4)

CAD Models (2 of 4)

CAD Models (3 of 4)

CAD Models (4 of 4)

Windmill 3-D CAD generated from Solid Works (PDF)

v2 Apr 11, 2012 Facebook Project "Windmill"

Use 7-zip tool to unzip the CAD models

AMD G34 v2.0 2011 AMD
Open Rack Mezzanine Cards
Mezzanine Card for V2 Open Rack v0.5 Oct 8, 2012 Facebook
[TBD] ver date note
[TBD] ver date note

Other EIA-310D Compatible Specifications

Specification Version Submit Date Contributor Notes
OCP V1 Boards
Decathlete Server Board Standard v1 (PDF) v2.0 May 31, 2013 Intel Version Independent
Open Compute Project AMD Open 3.0 Modular Server Specification (PDF) v0.5 Apr 15, 2012 AMD

Technical Workshops

OCP Summit V - San Jose, CA - Jan 24-25, 2014

- Link to Presentations

Retired Specifications

Calxeda ARM for OpenVault
Open Compute Project Intel-Server Japanese Draft 1 (PDF)
Open Compute Project HA Server Specification v0.5 (PDF), v0.5, Jan 16, 2013