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(Active documents)
(Active documents)
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| Presented in 7/26 workgroup meeting
| Presented in 7/26 workgroup meeting
Presented in 8/10 IC meeting
Presented in 8/10 IC meeting
Accepted by the IC 8/25/2017
| [http://files.opencompute.org/oc/public.php?service=files&t=afcf3aca92d6602300ed&download San Jose Motherboard Spec V0.12]  
| [http://files.opencompute.org/oc/public.php?service=files&t=afcf3aca92d6602300ed&download San Jose Motherboard Spec V0.12]  

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OCP Server Design Project

This page lists contributions that are being actively worked by the OCP Server Design Project.

Link to Server Design Project home WIKI http://www.opencompute.org/wiki/Server

Link to Server Design Project Specs and Designs WIKI http://opencompute.org/wiki/Server/SpecsAndDesigns

Active Documents and Specs

Project Olympus Subgroup

All Project Olympus discussions and links are in the Project Olympus subgroup WIKI at http://www.opencompute.org/wiki/Server/ProjectOlympus

Toolchain Subgroup

All discussions and links covering tools and processes are in the Toolchain subgroup WIKI at http://www.opencompute.org/wiki/Server/Toolchain


All discussion and links covering OCP Mezzanine NIC are in the Mezz subgroup Wiki at http://www.opencompute.org/wiki/Server/Mezz

Active documents

Specification Version Submit Date Contributor License Notes
Redfish Introduction and Overview - OCP Server v1 n/a 8/23/17 n/a FYI Information only

Presented by John Leung in 8/23/17 workgroup meeting

PCIe ReTimer Card Datasheet - P16RC.pdf

PCIe ReTimer card Design files July'17 Workgroup presentation deck

v1.00 7/25/17 Wiwynn OCPHL-P Presented in 7/26 workgroup meeting

Presented in 8/10 IC meeting Accepted by the IC 8/25/2017

San Jose Motherboard Spec V0.12

San Jose_Design package v0.12 OpenRack V2 compliant server

v0.11 5/24/2017, 8/2/17 Inspur Systems Inc OWFa1.0 Presented to WG 6/26.

Presented to OCP IC on 8/10


Mechanical design files pending

v1.1 4/18/2017 Hyve Solutions OWFa1.0 Presented in 8/10 IC meeting
Adams Pass Xeon Phi OpenRack MB

Adams Pass Specifictions Adams Pass Design Package

v1.0 Mar'17 Intel OCPHL-P Need new specification since this design doesn't follow any current spec. Product does not fit in any existing chassis. Need to coordinate chassis submission with motherboard
Qualcom Centriq 2400 OCP motherboard v0.5 v0.5 3/07/17 Qualcomm OWFa 1.0 Waiting on Project Olympus specs to be submitted and approved
Quanta Big Sur contribution file__V0.3

Rackgo X Big Sur v1.5.pdf GPGPU system for Open Rack

v0.1 1/18/16, 7/20/17 Quanta OWFa 1.0 Discussed in 3/29 mtg New spec 7/20
Quanta Big Sur Design package v?? Dec'16 Quanta OCPHL-P 1.0

Inactive Documents and Specs

Entries are moved to inactive when they are no longer moving forward or have been accepted and added to the database.
You can search specifications & design collateral database at http://opencompute.org/products/specsanddesign
or search the OCP marketplace database at http://opencompute.org/products

Specification Version Submit Date Contributor License Notes
Facebook Retimer Card for PCIe_1.1

LP-PCIE card to Cabled PCIE

v1.1 4/11/17, 6/26/17 Facebook OWFa 1.0 Presented to WG 6/26. IC on 6/27. Accepted by IC vote on 7/17/17 and added to the contribution database

Database Link

Zaius Motherboard & Tray, Barreleye G2 Trays with Zaius Motherboard (OpenPOWER - POWER9)
Chassis, motherboard, rack design, Lunchbox portable power supply designs using 48v Open Rack v2

Zaius_Barreleye_G2_48v_Program Community Preview
Spec v0.5.3 (4.3 MB)
Design Package for Zaius Motherboard/Sled/Deployment Shelf, Barreleye G2 2OU Chassis (618 MB)
[Additional chassis design packages coming soon]

v0.6.0 Latest Release: 03/29/2017 Rackspace / Google / IBM OCPHL-P 1.0 Accepted by IC 1/12/17 and added to contribution database

Database Link

Mellanox V2.0 MEZZ cards


v1.0 3/3/2016 Mellanox OWFa 1.0 License info Incorrect. Missing DXF files.

6/27/17 Mellanox is not pursuing certification on these modules. Moving to Inactive.

Silicom V2.0 MEZZ cards

Silicom_Quad_Port_SFP+_10G_Mezz_Card_0v4 (Clean).doc Submitted to IC 7/19/16
Silicom_SFP+_10G_Mezz_Card_2v0 presented at 11/18/16 call

v0.1&V0.4 7/19/2016
Silicom OCPHL-R 1.0 Discussed in 12/8 IC meeting. Upgraded membership to Gold\Silver\Platinum required

5/17/17 No response from Silicom. Moved to inactive

M.2 Carrier Card Design v0.3 Apr 20, 2016 Facebook OWFa 1.0 M.2 Carrier Card Design

19" 2U Server System "Carmel" 2U2N

Open_Compute_Project_Carmel_2U2N_V0.5.pdf (1.9MB)

19" 2U Server System "Carmel" 2U4N

Open_Compute_Project_Carmel_2U4N_V0.5.pdf (2.0MB)

v0.5 2/3/2016 Wiwynn OWFa 1.0 No Base Spec to submit under

19" Rack, 2U 4Node/2Node System "Carmel"

Open_Compute_Project_Carmel_F06S(2U4N)_F06T(2U2N)_System_Specification_V01_20160128_R3.pdf (2.7MB)

19" Rack, 2U, Multi-node system "Monterey"

Open_Compute_Project_Carmel_Monterey_F20T_System_Specification_V01_20160128_R3.pdf (2.5MB)

v0.1 2/3/2016 Quanta TBD No Base Spec to submit under

Archived Documents and Specs