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Welcome to the OCP Open Domain-Specific Architecture subgroup under OCP Server Work Group.

Project Leadership

Sub Project Lead

- Bapi Vinnakota (Netronome)

General Information

Charter (TBD)

- ODSA Open Accelerator Architecture

Open Domain-Specific Accelerators: What Are They & Why Should They Matter?

- ODSA webinar with Light Reading: December 19th, 2018
- ODSA White Paper

Get Involved

- ODSA Chiplet Usage Survey
- Mailing List
- OCP website (Server Project)
- OCP Calendar

Active documents

Type Description Version Submit Date Contributor License Notes
Introduction odsa_ocp_intro.pdf n/a 2/27/19 Netronome n/a Presented in 2/27 Server WG call. Introduction to ODSA sub-group under Server Project. Future entries will be in the ODSA WIki at:

Meeting Schedule

Call Schedule - TBD

In Person Meetings

ODSA Workshop - hosted by Samsung Thu, March 28, 2019 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM PDT

Location: Samsung 3655 North 1st Street San Jose, CA 95134

Topic Speaker Affiliation Slides
Welcome/Logistics Bapi Vinnakota/Jim Finnegan Netronome ""


Welcome/Samsung Overview</td> Craig Orr</td> Samsung</td>

"" target="_blank">Slides</a></td> </tr>

Accelerators</td> Whitney Zhao</td> Facebook</td> "" target="_blank">Slides</a></td>


ODSA technical introduction</td> Bapi Vinnakota</td> Netronome</td> "" target="_blank">Slides</a></td>


PHY Layer Review</td> Greg Taylor</td> zGlue</td> "" target="_blank">Slides</a></td>


BoW: Basic, Fast, Turbo Die-to-Die Open Interface Solutions</td> Mark Kuemerle/Ramin Farjad</td> Avera Semi/Aquantia</td> "" target="_blank">Slides</a></td>


Power distribution</td> Ali Husain</td> ON Semiconductor</td> "" target="_blank">Slides</a></td>


PIPE Adapter</td> Brian Holden</td> Kandou</td> "" target="_blank">Slides</a></td>


Design tools for muti-chip</td> Jawad Nasrullah</td> zGlue</td> "" target="_blank">Slides</a></td>


Speedster221 FPGA for POC</td> Quinn Jacobson</td> Achronix</td> "" target="_blank">Slides</a></td>


Firefly DirectConnect Options for ODSA Proof of Concept</td> Marc, Sam, Quinn, Bapi</td>  </td> "" target="_blank">Slides</a></td>


Design Tools for Chiplet-Based Design</td> Jawad Nasrullah</td> zGlue</td> "" target="_blank">Slides</a></td>


Business models</td> Sam Fuller/Jeff McGuire/Jim Finnegan</td> NXP/Kandou/Netronome</td> "" target="_blank">Slides</a></td>


Working w/ OCP, PoC JDA, Closing</td> Archna Haylock, Bill Carter</td> OCP</td> "" target="_blank">Slides</a></td>




Recordings from Past Calls

Past Events

ODSA Workshop @ Samsung: March 28th, 2019

- Pictures
- Slides (Coming Soon)
- Video (Coming Soon)

ODSA Workshop @ Netronome: January 29th, 2019

- Video
- Slides