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Welcome to the Open Accelerator Infrastructure subgroup under OCP Server Work Group. The scope of this OAI subgroup is to define below 9 schedules for physical modules include logical aspects such as electrical, mechanical, thermal, management, hardware security, physical serviceability, etc. to produce solutions compatible with existing/traditional operation systems and frameworks to run heterogeneous accelerator applications.

○ Open Accelerator Infrastructure (OAI)
○ OCP Accelerator Module (OAI-OAM)
○ OAI Universal Baseboard (OAI-UBB) 
○ OAI Host Interface (OAI-HIB)
○ OAI Power Distribution (OAI-PDB)
○ OAI Expansion Beyond UBB (OAI-Expansion)
○ OAI Security, Control, and Management (OAI-SCM) 
○ OAI-Tray
○ OAI Chassis (This chapter will address air-cooled and liquid-cooled aspects as well.)

There are 5 workstreams under this group working on above schedules:

○ OAI System workstream
○ Highspeed workstream
○ Power workstream
○ Thermal and Cooling workstream
○ OAMTool workstream

Project Leadership

Sub Project Lead

- Whitney Zhao (Facebook)
- Tianyi Gao (Baidu)

Current Status

- OAM Spec v1.1 released
- UBB Spec v1.0 released
- The group is Working on OAM2.0/UBB2.0 spec

Approved Contributions

OCP Accelerator Module Design Specification v1.0

Active documents

- OCP Presentation Template - please contact Michael Schill or Archna Haylock for a copy
Type Description Version Submit Date Contributor License Notes
Introduction OCP Accelerator Module 022719.pptx n/a 2/27/19 Facebook & MSFT n/a Presented in 2/27 Server WG call. Introduction to OAM sub-group under Server Project. Future entries will be in the OAP WIki at:
OAM Spec OCP Accelerator Module Design Spec Package v0.85 v0.85 3/14/2019 Facebook/Microsoft/Baidu OWF CLA Contributed the spec to OCP community on 3/14 during OCP summit.
OAM Spec Update OCP Accelerator Module Design Spec Package v0.90 v0.90 4/30/2019 Facebook/Microsoft/Baidu OWF CLA SerDes Pin map updated and optimized for interconnect link which has X8 or X4 lanes
OAM Spec v1.0 OCP Accelerator Module Design Spec Package v1.0 v1.0 7/31/2019 Facebook/Microsoft/Baidu OWF CLA Add 8 port HCM and combined FC/HCM topologies; add scale out options; Change connector 1 port name 6/5/4/R to 4/5/6/7
UBB Spec v0.42 OCP OAI Universal Baseboard Design Specification v0.42 v0.42 1/30/2020 OCP OAI JDA Group OWF CLA
UBB Spec v1.0 OCP OAI Universal Baseboard Design Specification v1.0 v1.0 6/30/2020 OCP OAI JDA Group OWF CLA
OAM Spec v1.1 OCP Accelerator Module Design Spec Package v1.1 v1.1 7/22/2020 OCP OAI JDA Group OWF CLA Add management and security requirements for OAM

Get Involved

- Mailing List
- OCP Calendar

Meeting Schedule

For public meetings:
- Once a month, 2nd Wednesday of each Month, 8-9am Pacific Time Zone.
- Meeting agenda to be sent to subscribe mailing list one day before the meeting.

Each workstream has its own bi-weekly meeting. Only members in the workstream will receive the meeting invitation:
- Related info to be sent to each workstream mailing list.

Slides/Recordings from Past Calls

Monthly Call Date Slides/Recordings Link Notes
5/8/2019 OAI_Subgroup_Call_05082019.pdf n/a
6/12/2019 OAI_Subgroup_Call_06122019.pdf n/a
7/11/2019 OAI_Subgroup_Call_07112019.pdf n/a
7/24/2019 OAI_Subgroup_monthly_update_07242019.pdf n/a
8/14/2019 OAI_Subgroup_call_08142019.pdf n/a
10/09/2019 OAI_Group_Monthly_Update(OCP_Regional_Summit)_10092019.pdf n/a
11/13/2019 OAI_Subgroup_Call_11132019.pdf n/a
10/14/2020 Recording n/a

Past Events