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Welcome to the OCP Mezzanine NIC subgroup under OCP Server Work Group. The goal of this subgroup is to form a healthy ecosystem in Mezzanine NIC space, under OCP framework.


We are here to build a supportive, informative and inclusive community:


- Support implementation questions

- Evaluate new use cases


- Share the latest topics and trends related to OCP Mezz NIC spec

- Share both challenges and opportunities


- Take community feedback and make iterations to proposal before submitting major revision to work group and IC

- Open to both adopters, and observers

Get Involved



Here are the update in the past 2x weeks, and material for tomorrow's call:

Updated thermal simulation case deck:Thermal Simulation Feedback_20170517

Update thermal simulation case spreadsheet: Updated Thermal Simulation Cases_20170511


As we kicked off the discussion of Mezz thermal simulation on 4/19, here are the updates:

OCP Mezz 3.0 Thermal Simulation Description

OCP Mezz 3.0 Thermal Simulation Package

Please give your feedback in mailing list and we will talk about it on next call on 5/3.


We have an updated schedule for comment and feedback:

Schedule Update V2

Mezz 3.0 Survey is closed with 5 participants; Summary with company names masked can be found here:

Mezz 3.0 Survey filled 201704016

A few updates were made to the master deck: Mezz 3.0 General Update

Our next call is on 4/19/2017 Wednesday 9am PDT(2nd call of the month). As always, call-in info can be found here.

--- Agenda

1. Sync with community about schedule refresher and get feedback for schedule and milestone

2. Summary of survey

3. John Fernandes will share methodology for thermal simulation

4. Call for more feedback on a few options (9,10,11,12)


1. Ramp NIC survey template version to v03 to have more exact wording. Template v03

2. Due to the limitation of mailing-list with attachment, please send the filled template to Jia will aggregate and update to the wiki based on your selection of the confidential level (cell B6,B7 of the template v03)

3. Schedule proposal v01 is available for review and comment. A few notes:

- Overall it includes 3x stages: Information collection => Narrow down direction => work out details and 1st draft

- The v01 schedule is on the aggressive side, i.e. the best case scenario when everything goes as expected.

- Please review it, give inputs in mailing-list, and discuss in the call next week.


An improved version of survey template v02 is created. All NIC suppliers are strongly recommend to participate to influence Mezz 3.0. Inputs from System supplier and Hyper-scale/CSP are welcome as well.

Agenda for next meeting (4/5)

1. Review overall Mezz 3.0 work schedule

2. Review the boundary with the context of major options

3. Pick major option branches to perform more detailed study


A survey of boundary condition of typical use cases is going on.

Detail see here

Please reply to mailing-list to share your boundary condition of Mezz3.0 or write to Jia Ning


1. Video of 3/17/2017 OCP Server workshop talk - Mezz 2.0 and beyond

2. Slide deck of 3/9/2017 workshop

3. Visco file for placement study

Find Archive of updates here

Find archive of mailing-list here


This project meets - 2 times a Month; Defaults to 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the Month.

Call-in info and source of truth @ (Time zone shown: Eastern Time)

This call is open to the public.

If there is a cancellation, we will try our best to cancel >24hrs before the meeting by the calendars above.

Meeting minutes is sent out in mailing list and can be found at archive



OCP Engineering Workshop Sessions

More information about OCP events can be found at:


- Project communication is done through the opencompute-mezz-card mailing list.

- Please make sure following the steps until you receive confirmation email and welcome email from

Please check your junk box and unblock if you have trouble getting confirmation email.

- To access the mailing list archives go to:

- For general discussion, please use mailing-list above by default; This is public domain and all discussion is archived

- Reach to Jia Ning if there is strong reason not to have public discussion

Specifications and Designs

All these accepted by the IC

Specification Version Submit Date Contributor License Notes
OCP Mezzanine card v2.0

OCP_Mezz_2.0_rev1.00_20151215b_pub_release.pdf(2.2MB) (88MB)

Mechanical 20151023_P1-P9_K1-K5 zip file (57MB)

V2.0-1.0 Dec 15, 2015 Facebook OWFa 1.0 Added support for x16 (quad x4), NCSI, dual QSFP+, & Quad SDP+

Accepted by OCP IC 2/24/2016

OCP Mezzanine card v0.5, original standard

Mezzanine Card (rev 0.5)

V0.5 Oct 8, 2012 Facebook OWFa 1.0 Defacto standard for the original network mezzanine with a x8 PCIe Gen3 interface