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==Get Involved==
==Get Involved==
1. Video of OCP Server workshop - Mezz 2.0 and beyond =>[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9vg974Ww_4]
'''Find Archive of updates here:''' http://www.opencompute.org/wiki/Server/Mezz/Mezz_test_page1

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Welcome to the OCP Mezzanine NIC subgroup under OCP Server Work Group. The goal of this subgroup is to form a healthy ecosystem in Mezzanine NIC space, under OCP framework.


We are here to build a supportive, informative and inclusive community:


- Support implementation questions

- Evaluate new use cases


- Share the latest topics and trends related to OCP Mezz NIC spec

- Share both challenges and opportunities


- Take community feedback and make iterations to proposal before submitting major revision to work group and IC

- Open to both adopters, and observers

Get Involved


3/14/2017 1. Video of OCP Server workshop - Mezz 2.0 and beyond =>[1]

Find Archive of updates here: http://www.opencompute.org/wiki/Server/Mezz/Mezz_test_page1



OCP Engineering Workshop Sessions https://ocpussummit2017.sched.com/event/9SAa/ocp-mezzanine-nic-20-and-beyond

More information about OCP events can be found at: http://www.opencompute.org/community/events/ocp-events-calendar


This project meets - Monthly Source of truth@ http://opencompute.org/community/ocp-calendars (Time zone shown: Eastern Time) This call is open to the public.

1st meeting is tentatively hold @ 2017/3/1 9AM-PST / 12PM-EST / 1AM-Taipei/Beijing(+1day)

The agenda as well as information on how to join the call can be found at: TBD

Meeting minutes are available at: TBD


Project communication is done through the opencompute-mezz-card mailing list.

To get on the mailing list or manage your subscription go to: http://lists.opencompute.org/mailman/listinfo/opencompute-mezz-card

To access the mailing list archives go to: http://lists.opencompute.org/pipermail/opencompute-mezz-card/

Specifications and Designs

All these accepted by the IC

Specification Version Submit Date Contributor License Notes
OCP Mezzanine card v2.0


OCP_Mezz_2.0_rev1.00_20151215b_pub_release_3D_package.zip (88MB)

Mechanical 20151023_P1-P9_K1-K5 zip file (57MB)

V2.0-1.0 Dec 15, 2015 Facebook OWFa 1.0 Added support for x16 (quad x4), NCSI, dual QSFP+, & Quad SDP+

Accepted by OCP IC 2/24/2016

OCP Mezzanine card v0.5, original standard

Mezzanine Card (rev 0.5)

V0.5 Oct 8, 2012 Facebook OWFa 1.0 Defacto standard for the original network mezzanine with a x8 PCIe Gen3 interface